I Now Have a Monstrous Perma-blemish Due to Radiesse

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I am no stranger to fillers and other wonders of...

I am no stranger to fillers and other wonders of modern technology, I am not allergic to anything, and I have ridiculously tough skin. That said, I am astonished--and horrified--at how Radiesse has disfigured my face.

Three months ago, I had one syringe of Radiesse injected into my nasolabials and cheeks. I've had the same amount of other fillers in exactly the same spots, with good, if short-term, results. I wanted to try Radiesse because I read that the results last longer. Perhaps this is true, but a dilute solution of concrete would last a long time, too. It's an awful truth, "Be careful what you wish for!"

The Radiesse migrated almost immediately upwards from my nasolabials to form bulging balls just above them. This makes the nasolabials look even deeper. In addition, the slight plumping and raising effect I was hoping to get in my cheeks has sadly given me nothing more than immovable hillocks atop my cheeks. My boyfriend didn't propose marriage this month, as I was expecting him to--he took to squinting intently at my face, and finally asked me, "Aren't you a little old to have cystic acne?"

I have been massaging the lumps of Radiesse vigorously whenever I'm alone, and it hasn't done one bit of good.

If anyone knows of anything that will speed up the elimination of this evil stuff from my poor face, I beg you please: Tell me! I'll do anything!

And if you haven't had Radiesse, just say no. Your face will thank you.

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Awful stuff, this Radiesse. My doctor is excellent, and was reluctant to use Radiesse as he thinks it sucks. I talked him into using it, and now I'm horribly disfigured. My doctor feels terrible and returned his remaining stock to the manufacturer.

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