LASIK is RAD (Age 32)

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I had my LASIK performed last July and I am so...

I had my LASIK performed last July and I am so happy I finally did it. I have had corrected vision since I was 10 years old, and at 32 I no longer have to correct anything!

My doctor was (and still is) wonderful, dedicated and methodical in his practice. I had the custom vue wavefront LASIK, the same type they use on the astronauts. I was able to see after I left the clinic, although it was a bit hazy for about a week. I did have some "hickeys" on the whites of my eyes, but those passed after about a week - it is normal to have these since the apparatus on your eye is a suction-like device. (Don't worry it doesn't hurt, it just feels weird.) I also had some haloing when looking at or around lights, but that passed after about a month. I was testing slightly better than 20/20 then and now (7 months later) I am testing 20/20.

I will say though, that I live in Colorado where it is very dry, and the dryness does affect clarity. I use moisturizing eye drops and I do carry a -.50 glasses script (compared to a -4.5 previously) for nighttime, just to have that little extra clarity that the dry climate affects. I was recently in San Francisco, and it was raining and humid while I was there, and I noticed how my vision was improved due to the moisture content in the air.

If you are considering LASIK, the benefits WAY outweigh the very minimal risk and the longterm effect in fantastic. Just do a little research and don't go some "fast food" LASIK clinic.It's better to pay a little bit more and get a better & more skilled practitioner than to try to save a few bucks. Remember, these are your eyes we are talking about - you only get one pair :-) Good luck!

Denver Ophthalmologist

He is my regular eye care practitioner, so I already had his trust there from years of previous service. He also has a degree in engineering prior to his ophthalmology training, hence his necessity for "measuring twice & cutting once" mentality. Great doc - highly recommend

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