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I have been consistently using the derma roller...

I have been consistently using the derma roller and dermastamp since January 2015. I had moderate acne scarring on my cheeks, I also had gotten a wide shallow diamond shaped scar from damage to the skin after a tca peel. I had moderate rolling scars all over my forehead. Right now me skin is about 80 or 90 percent improved. I started using the 1.0 mm but I didn't start seeing results until I started using the 2.5. I am now using the 1.5 since my scarring has become fairly shallow. I do it once a month and use retin a regularly. My skin color is more even also. For a while my skin looked worse, but I am sure now that those were the scars that had healed over and were buried under the surface. I am hoping that my skin will be completely smooth by next year and I think it's possible considering I am getting very good results right now.

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