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I did runway and catalog photos and was always...

I did runway and catalog photos and was always embarrassed about cellulite! I have always had cellulite since I was seventeen. The only girl in my family with it and I hate it. Can you relate? I am not that over weight and even at my thinnest I had bumps on my thighs and butt. The truth is we will never be able to rid of cellulite all together and we drop a lot of money on these treatments. I don’t know about you but if I drop a $1,200 on a treatment I feel it. What offices don't tell you is you need to maintain with any treatment the rest of your life basically to keep it at bay. So decide what you can afford and go with that treatment! I have done it all!

I have done Endermologie, Velasmooth, creams, Laser treatments (no suction), Mesotherapy, exercise, and diet. My cellulite did get better with Endermologie and Velasmooth treatments but my cellulite did come back over time as I got older with a vengeance. Velasmooth hurts more than Endermologie but both are not bad on pain if the Velasmooth machine is at its highest suction setting.

FYI Meso is SO painful afterwards and not worth it!! You also get bumps under the skin of fat collection which makes you have to do one of the other treatments anyway to try and break down that fat bumps. I would recommend Endermolgy or Vela smooth to see some improvement and avoid harsh side affects. I am 32 now and at it again with a trip coming up. I will probably do Endermologie again because it's the cheapest treatment for a series.

I also recommend creams like Revitol, Cellulean, Fat Girl Slim in conjunction with good diet, water, and exercise. Don't do lipo for cellulite it gets worse! Decide if you want to attack cellulite vs. fat! Cellulite is a breakdown in the bands and it can create sagging; over time with age it gets worse, or after pregnancy especially. It is a costly battle so maintenance and routine are the best strategy. Decide what you can afford and keep with it! Use at home creams twice a day to keep the lymphatic system moving so to speak with massage, and do treatments every 3-6 months for maintained after a series. I wish you luck because believe me I get it! I bet you have other great features so focus on the good and the bad ladies!

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Look at websites, BBB info, and photos!

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