All I Want Are Beautiful Boobs! Denver, CO

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Thank you to everyone who's written a review &...

Thank you to everyone who's written a review & posted pictures. They are so inspiring when you're on a quest like this.

Over the past three years I've lost 90 pounds! Got 25 more to go, but am working to have that off by the time my new boobs come online. Searching for a surgeon for a lift is a complicated thing. Much more so than for just implants. There is so much artistry involved in creating the perfect breast, that it's taken me almost a year to find one I would trust.

Still struggling with weight loss:(

I really want to be at my ideal weight when I go in for the new girls. It just seems my long-term results will be so much better. I've had three surgeons tell me I'm at a good weight, but I'd prefer to lose more. My new deadline is August 2016 to have my surgery. Gives me ample time to lose 30 pounds.

On a good note, I've found another surgeon whose results per the photos on her website are amazing! I'm scheduling a remote consult with her. My husband and I agree on having a natural look - not anything that looks too fake. I just want to be able to wear clothes without a bra. It's the simple

Wish me luck!
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