Mama of 2, Always Had Boob Envy and Now That I Had Boobies when Nursing I Want Them Back - Denver, CO

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I never thought I'd be getting a breast...

I never thought I'd be getting a breast augmentation! Yes I've always had boob envy but have appreciated my small boobs when going braless and wearing cute stuff that big boobs would make impossible. My husband likes my littles. However. I felt so sexy with a fuller rack when nursing. I felt so womanly and feminine and sexy. Clothes looked better, etc. and now that I'm totally done having and nursing my babies I would like to feel that way again. It is imperative that I get a natural look for me. I really want to avoid the obvious implant look. No judgement, I just know that look is not for me and I wouldn't be happy. I want a slope you can ski jump off of and beautiful natural cleavage when they're in a bra. I don't want to have to wear a bra sometimes though. I like the coozies bras (?) and bralettes and shelf bras built into tank tops and I'm not basing my cc's on bra size (because I don't really even wear one right now and all the brands are so different anyway!) just proportionate to my body and my booty which is plentiful. So here we go! I'm so grateful for this website and to those who have shared their journey, education, experiences, photos, recovery stories, everything and I need to give back! Hoping to get a little support a gal needs when going through this sort of thing and maybe help another who is choosing this path. Cheers to boobies!

Me when I was almost done nursing

Posting some pics of when I was nursing and baby slept through the night so I was nice and full. This wasn't my biggest, that happens at the beginning of nursing for me and then they leveled off. But I realized a few months before stopping that I would want a BA so I thought to take some pictures!

I'm obsessed!

I have 3 consultations booked from now until Dec which is so far away. I can't keep obsessing like this! Every night I look at photos, research implants and docs until 2am! What's wrong with me!? I'm about to add another doc to my roster. Is 4 consults too many? I also feel like the last one in Dec going to be my favorite.

Had my first consult...

I went to Dr. Franco-Webb for you Denver readers. Office is lovely, staff is as well. I really liked her and we connected well. She seems to know what she is doing but my number one goal is to look natural and not augmented. I really want to find a surgeon who can tell me they can get me what I want with x, y and z or a, b and c and these are the pros and cons to both. I realize there's probably a big learning curve in the questions I asked in my first consult vs. what I will ask in my last. Because I've inundated myself w so much information I almost feel like I know too much and I get overwhelmed w all my options. There's a lot out there! And I feel like the stigma w shaped implants is that many doctors don't recommend them more because they're not as comfortable placing them (for whatever reason, experience, their more recent availability). Apparently a surgeon needs to create a more specific pocket for them to sit so that they don't rotate. I really don't want to have to worry about them once they're in but I don't want an augmented look like some round implants give. I know body type, chest width, existing tissue, crease location all that weighs in but really it's the cut and placement that can make the biggest difference right? I've heard/read that shaped doesn't make that much of a visual difference. So then I ask myself why would I want to trade a more natural feel (when palpated) for a more natural shape if I can still get a natural shape with round? To me a natural look with no bra is a straight upper pole. That's my goal.

Also I had to postpone my second consult because of vacation and school pick up timing. A bummer but I'll be much more relaxed for the new date in November. It's with Dr. Wolfe, my only male I've chosen to see so far. I feel like it's similar to a Gyno in a way. How would they know unless they have boobs yknow? There are many great male surgeons out there though. Who knows. He's in the same building as my unicorn Dr. Folk. She's not until December. I don't even feel like I'm worthy to see her for a first world vain ass boob job when she does post mastectomy reconstruction, cleft lip and palate for children and all these other wonderful things! Sheesh.

I'll post some pics of the vectra 3 D imaging thing too. It funked up my nips but you get the idea.

2nd consult

I liked this PS much better than my first. I almost don't want to wait until my third. The third is so highly recommended but this PS would even fix a scar I have on my belly since birth for free! That would also make getting my husband on board a little easier I'm thinking. Who knows it may backfire on me but I am really having trouble getting his support. Anyway I'm posting some pics of sizers in clothing. These are 325 cc's. I was leaning towards shaped implants (and 400cc!) but with more education I'm 90% sure I'll go with smooth round given the compromises with shaped. Because there are compromises with all of them. I'm very grateful to my PS today for schooling me on all of them. I had done so much research but I needed true side by side by side comparisons and surgeon point of view on all of them. There's a lot of choice out there! I am adamant about my activity level not being affected by them so the size has dropped a little in mind after realizing that and seeing myself in sizers and in something I'd actually wear. (The first consult I was in some tiny black T shirt I'd never wear and just didn't look like myself. This office had a whole wall unit of gap body white tanks (gap makes the best tanks in case you didn't know ;-p) and all different sizers. It was much more customized. There was very little difference between the shaped and the round on the 3 d imaging. My concern about the round is that they won't feel as natural to palpate and squeeze and any textured implant is a teeeeeeeny tiny bit riskier because of friction. I'm a runner and dancer and as of a few weeks ago a cross fitter so I want to eliminate as much risk of complication as possible. This entry is all over the map sorry it's late and stayed up last night watching the crazy election!!

3rd consult done!

Whoa I was all ready to make a move before waiting for my December consult with my most anticipated surgeon, just biting my nails to get it over with and the day after my 2nd consult, the 3rd office called (Stacey Folk) and got me in a month earlier than my scheduled consult. She was wonderful and a bit excited about my scar revision which I went in there mentioning (the 2nd consult w Wolfe he mentioned it which I was happy about). Anyway I guess it's a pretty rare thing (I was born w a ruptured omphalocele) so she had all different ideas on how to fix it. Now about a week later I'm very torn on who to choose. Folk is about 2.5 k more expensive. But she's like an artist, she'd probably do a great job on my now 2 procedures (ba and scar revision). I think I will get more scar revision before and after pics from both of the surgeons. It's a whole new facet of this process that I have to dig into! But the idea that I could possibly wear a bikini and not feel so weird is kind of cool. Especially when I'm going to have this sweet rack! After all I don't have that many bikini wearing years left!

New developments and a 4th consult

I haven't posted for a while because I found Ideal implants and went into a research frenzy over those. I did as much research as I could before I went to go feel them and that was the final test. I went to Linda Huang in Denver. She had the Ideal in her office. She was very nice but I think she's a little tired. I feel like she's ready to retire or something or maybe she enjoys more challenging work at this point as opposed to implants. Not sure but I'm grateful I could feel them the implants in person. I guess I spent $50 to do that. I'm pretty thorough at whatever cost apparently. But I'm finding that with all implants, there is compromise. It's just a personal decision on what you are willing to compromise and what you're not. Since I'm going on 39, I don't want these super firm perky titties because that won't look natural. I'm lucky enough that mine look pretty young and perky for my age but if they were naturally bigger they wouldn't be so perky and I'm ok with that. I want a natural look and feel. I'm not interested in drawing attention or people being able to tell that I've had implants. So with that said, I'm not going with Ideal because I'm not willing to compromise feel and a natural look on me. Lots of gals on here have said they couldn't tell the difference but I could. Although quite a few look very natural but I don't have much fat and breast tissue to start. Maybe if I were less discerning and in my late twenties/early thirties I'd be all about them, because they're the perfect answer to many drawbacks. But I need moderate plus profile silicone to achieve my goals. That said, my surgeon was very willing to use them and spoke to Robert Hamas, Ideal's founder, etc. but they are new and with anything new you're taking a risk. The co. isn't funded enough to market so that makes me nervous. Also they sit differently, and there's 2 valves that could deflate instead of just one. The idea of going for MRI's more often with silicone is not such a bad thing at my age. Im going with Sientra and Dr. Wolfe that's final. Now I just have to schedule!

Also getting revision for birth scars

So I haven't mentioned this yet but part of the reason why I chose Dr. Wolfe was his approach and his mention of my scars. I was born with a weak umbilical attachment (ruptured omphalocele). I've lived w the scars all my life and by this age it's not like I'm strutting around in crop tops and bikinis and running in a sports bra. Although some hot summer days that'd be nice to do. I have worn bikinis in the past but I don't bother now after kids and I just don't enjoy feeling that self conscious. However, my Dr mentioned that he could easily revise them so they're less pronounced so maybe soon I'll get to see what it's like to have a normal looking belly! So I'm also getting the scar revision as well as the boobies. Just didn't want to freak anyone out w them. :-/ I'm in the process of trying to find a surgery date that works for everyone who will be helping me. I have 2 littles at home and a husband who travels quite a bit. I'm getting so excited!!

Photos didn't upload...

Date is booked!

I can't figure out how to edit my review. When you start one it makes you pick a date but I had to estimate all that. Now it's real!

April 7 2017!

Eek! I'm so excited! I hope I'm well recovered by the time it's pool season. That was my goal. There's a small window of time between end of ski season and bathing suit season around here. I didn't want to interfere w skiing but also wanted to be healed by June-ish. Dropped and fluffed and all that. How am I ever going to get through these next few months?!

Having some fun at home w implants

My dr's office allowed me to borrow smooth round 305 cc's and 355 cc's. My choices are basically 305, 335 or 355 w my chest diameter and the implant I want (Sientra smooth round). I figured they're the extreme ends of my choices based on measurements, my goals, and the implants I want (Sientra smooth round). I'm loving wearing them around the house! Showing my husband (even tho I don't think he cares all that much that I'm even getting a BA but I KNOW he will love them once they're big and juicy!) Showing my very supportive and enthusiastic friends! They've been so great. I'm so lucky. I even worked out w the 305's.

I like how the 305's look the best. The 355's are a little too big for me. Right now I'm 5'5" about 133 with a bootie. I feel like I would get self conscious or frustrated with clothes and fitting them. I wore a big top w 355 and I just looked frumpy. Maybe it's a frumpy top to begin with tho. Only thing is I hear you loose about a size (so maybe 20-30 cc's or so) under the muscle . So if I go with 355 they will look like 325 once placed under the muscle. If I go with 305 I think I'd be wishing I went bigger. I just hope I don't feel that way if I choose 325 because that seems like the logical choice. PA says I'll have the look of how the 305's look now if I choose 325. Buuuuuut I know from being on RS obsessively that boob greed is a real thing. And 20 cc's appearance won't make that much of a difference will it? Decisions. And now, I'm going to go feel guilty for having this as my present dilemma instead of what refugee camp has room for me and my 2 small starving children. We are so lucky we can do this! Thanks for reading my crazy rant!

Boob greed even with the samples!

Well what do you know, I seem to be a victim of the dreaded boob greed after spending a few days with sample implants at home! They're not even in me yet! I'm loving the 355's. Since the next size up in that chart is 12.5 in diameter, I'm assuming those won't fit me so I think my next option be the 375 w 11.7 diameter in a higher profile. (The nice thing about Sientra is that their high profile isn't even that high compared to other makers and that fits into my goals.) I'm always looking at the next size because you loose some appearance of cc's once they're placed sub-muscularly. I wouldn't even mind going to a 405 if I'd look like a 375. Haha I went from being freaked out over 305 to being ok w 405. It's all about the diameter of your chest wall though. I measure exactly 12 centimeters. I'm not sure how far over that I can go...I feel like I want to stick with my actual width to prevent the baseball/grapefruit look. I'm overthinking all this of course and obseeeesssssssiinnngggg. It's pathetic. All I think about is boobs!!! I need to take a break for a little while and just plan on making a decision at my pre-op in March. I've done as much research as I possibly can. Sheesh. It's fun tho. I'm getting so excited to have boobs!

All I think about is boobs!

My date is April 7. I do need some time to prepare because I have 2 kids and a husband but it's hard waiting! I'm excited for my preop March 14. I researched scar care and found some helpful things...I tend to over purchase in order to prepare for things so I'm trying not to do that this time.

Pre op

Time is flying! Lots of paperwork and information. I didn't have to do blood work because I'm not on any diuretics (?). But the nurse did tell me I needed to stop my vitamins a week out because they have a lot of Vitamin E which can thin your blood. They also have herbals which they don't recommend right before surgery.

I feel pretty prepared. My mom is flying into town to help me w the kids, my husband has been a little more supportive lately. I think he's kind of excited a little?

I think I want to be laid up for a few days to get a break from momming it so hard lately haha! Like Bad Moms when she wants to have a mild car accident where she's in the hospital for 2 whole weeks. I have so many books I want to read! I'll probably read like 2 chapters and be back to normal life way sooner than I want to be. My husband got us tix to a concert night of day 4 post op. Hopefully that's not a mistake. I figure I won't have to do much, just ride in the car, he can open all the doors for me like he should be doing anyway haha and I'll want to get out by then.

I think I will start a review for a scar revision also so i won't combine the 2 reviews into one. So if anyone is curious about it just see my other review.

Well here's to hoping everything goes smoothly in 3 days! See y'all on the other side! Eeeeeeeee!!!!!

On the other side of boobland!

I am so grateful to this site and all the women who have posted on here. This experience has been so much easier because of the knowledge I've gained from all you generous ladies contributing your stories. Thank you also for the well wishes for my surgery day!

Today went great! First IV placement was unsuccessful so they had to poke me twice but that all worked out fine. Whatever they gave me made my mouth so dry and I've been drinking lots of water. So far so good. I can't wait to see them! Everyone at Dr office and center was professional and warm. I loved my nurses. Especially Therese. I was relieved to have an experienced nurse. She used to be peds which was sort of special because of my ruptured omphalocele as a babe and she knew my scars. I don't remember falling asleep and before I knew it I was in recovery. I was slow to recover from anesthesia.

Nows the fun part - seeing the change and gorgeous boobies emerge over the next few weeks. I will keep updating for all those who are eagerly awaiting their surgeries! Love to all!

Awake can't sleep...

Just laying here at 5am day after awake and bored and can't find my books. Definitely have to stay on top of pain, right now I am taking one oxycodone at a time and I'm feeling good. Also Valium. Word to the wise, get yourself a back scratcher and Make sure your books are where you want them when you get home! (Or iPad or Tv or whatever you plan on doing).

Right now there's a little tightness in my sternum and a spot in my back muscles is a little bothersome. It's the same spot that got achy when I first had baby 2 and was sitting a lot w a heavy milk filled bosom so I was sort of expecting that. A little massage helps from the hub. I'm not a complainer but he's busting my chops everytime I look like I'm having trouble singing "it's elective boogie woogie woogie" like the electric
Slide. What a stinker. But it's making me laugh and laughter is good medicine too.

I have been doing some stretching to keep myself loose. When I do it just feels like I did way too many push ups so it sort of feels good to stretch. Thanks to RS user Underdog!

Peace out for now! Next time I'll try to post pics...

I was scared but I peeked...

High, tight and sponge bob square boob. Getting up from resting is a bit painful but once mobile I'm ok. I'm probably overdoing it because I can't sit still too long! But having mom here to help w the kids has been a blessing.

I just switched to Tylenol only instead of Percocet. I took 4 percs total since op yesterday and some Valium for muscle tension. I also used a teeny tiny bit of Indica for pain instead of narcotics. I live on CO so we can do that sort of thing here, thank goodness. It may help w boob blues too as I hear some folks experience around days 4,5 or 6. My doc has a chart of what one can expect during post op recovery.

Hopefully I can poo tomorrow. It's been 2 whole days. Yikes. Took 3 laxatives total to no avail yet. One Swiss Kriss and 2 generic stool softeners. That's why I'd rather get off percs sooner than later. Half of a perc is acetaminophen anyway.

Day 4

Recovery is going well! Things I can do are expanding. But I do feel when I need a break I sit. Listen to your body! Even through meds you can feel when you need to rest. My doc didn't want me using ice saying it restricts blood flow which is necessary in healing. So every once in a while when my hands are cold I touch where I feel I need a little relief w cold hands and that helps. I'm on Advil/Tylenol w some lapses in between on the regular. Stretching gently every few hours.

Waking up today was good, definitely stiffness which I think is referred to as morning boob but not as painful as I anticipated. Took Advil upon waking but was able to get a shirt over my head and some loose fitting leggings. Packed a lunch, made coffee, normal morning stuff w mom and Hubs doing the heavier lifting and reaching. Definitely feel like day 4 I'm out of the fog but I still have to take it easy.

I have showered once so far, about 30 hrs after surgery and I'll shower again tonight before hubs and I go out to our concert date night. We couldn't miss this one. I think I will be fine, I just won't drink alcohol, only Tylenol/Advil and maybe a little indica ;-)

Yesterday afternoon I was able to walk w my mom to pick up my 5 yr old at school. I walked verrrry slowly and was pretty beat afterwards. For reference it was probably a total of .4 miles.

Boobs high and tight. Don't feel much change except reduced swelling. I love peeking at them. Love the placement, love where the incisions are. So far, happy w them. I think they will settle nicely. I'm very at peace w the surgeon I chose. And happy not having to obsess over boobs anymore!

So bloating is real. Last night was the worst I even looked it up on here because it was so uncomfortable. Apparently days 3,4,5 are worst, seems to be a trend w BA's. Some blame pain meds but I didn't take that many of those. I think it's just the trauma of surgery. I bloated like crazy for my c section. The bummer about this bloating was my abdominal scars revision so that's been a challenge. Pinchy, sharp pains for some forms of movement and forgettabout coughing. Agony. But not related to BA.

Hopefully this is helpful to someone! I'll try to post pics in next one...

Day 5

I woke up w lots of energy today! Walked my kindergartner to school, went to the mall with my mom and she was a big help. I couldn't have done it without her. She drove. But all in all a very productive day. Also walked to pick up from school too! Helped make dinner. Now I'm exhausted though and need to rest for the remainder of the night. I might've overdone it a little but I was glad to get out and be productive.

My left is definitely more swollen than the right. I'm more a lefty than righty so I would expect that. It's a little more sore too. I'm on strictly Tylenol and Advil now, just switching back and forth.

I switched bras today. My post op bra was just a fruit of the loom cotton front closure sports bra anyway. I called to be sure and the nurse said wearing a different bra doesn't change surgical results just stay away from underwire because of incisions which I do anyway. Can't stand underwire! Although I may feel differently about them now :-). It makes me wonder tho why so many BA patients on here can't switch bras for a while. I wonder what the thought process is for the doctors. Also the band. Apparently there's no proof that the band does anything to force the implants into the pocket more quickly.

Still really high. Scarves are my friends. I know I'm probably way more conscious of it than others but I still don't want to draw attention. I can practically rest my chin on them!

Night Boob & 1 week post op

Everybody talks about morning boob during recovery but I seem to get evening boob. I'm a little stiff upon waking, but once I get moving I'm ok. It's around 6/7/8pm that I feel more swollen and stiff. Of course Advil may be wearing off but today my Advil wore off at 2pm and I didn't take it again, but 6 or 7 pm was pretty agonizing.

I had my one week post op today. The nurse was wonderful. She changed my dressings and showed me massage, etc. I've never read anyone's account of particularly why we massage. I thought it was to create a big pocket so they move more naturally and while that may be true it's also so the implant doesn't adhere to the surrounding tissue or chest wall. And while I chose smooth round implants I guess there's still a chance for that hence the massage. 5 times per day gentle manipulation of the implant inwards, upwards and downwards. For I think 3 months? After that a few times less per day And after a yr just checking them once per day to make sure they feel ok. I guess that's all pretty common sense but good to have it spelled out for me so I thought I'd share. Still pretty high and tight, not much change. Trying to find shirts to cover up how high they are is challenging. I know they won't be like this for too long but I'm pretty self conscious of it.

Why I didn't choose textured

I just thought I'd post this for anyone who might be looking. All different implants are available for all different body types etc. I just have this confusion w why anyone would go w textured if the implants are round. And if you're active.

Day 10 post op

• So I had my one week post op 3 days ago. It's getting easier to do massages. Sometimes I do them more than 5 times per day. Hopefully that's ok. I can't see why it wouldn't be. It's easy when they're so big and juicy compared to my previous little boobs! • The app's update is no longer allowing me to create paragraphs so excuse the bullets. • One thing I would share is that if you happen to get round smooth sub-muscular, the waiting period for them to drop and fluff is a little hard. I can't fully enjoy them yet because I know what I have now isn't the final result. And thank goodness it's not! They're still very high and square. But still I am anticipating improvement and I have to wait at least 3 or 4 more weeks to really purchase nice bras. And even then they won't be at their final look. Six months is the true final mark when you either love them or don't I guess. They still change a little after that but not by much. I think of it as an infant. First year they grow the quickest and fastest and after that the growth tapers to much slower and steadier. So same for implants sub-muscular and 6 months. Except with an infant you're enjoying that period and w implants it's new and fun but a little frustrating but hopefully worth it. • As for bras, there's lots of nice RS users out there who have shared where they've found comfortable cheap ones. I'll try to gather that info for my next review because I found some helpful. You don't want to invest in anything until they're more settled because your size may change. As for clothes I've had to buy a few higher cut baggier shirts to hide my high square boobs for a few weeks :-/

10 day post pics; 12 day recap

It's not 10 days today more like 12 but I wanted to post these. This no return button thing is driving me crazy. They updated photo editing and captions but they took away the ability to make paragraphs! Anyway I feel occasional pulls and sharp twinges, definitely morning boob stiffness but it doesn't last very long. I'm still finding myself in a better place if I take Advil. I thought maybe that wouldn't be necessary by now and w my pain tolerance level but I'm just more comfortable w it and it's not hurting anything to take it. I tried to only take one extra strength Tylenol (500 mg) yesterday but that didn't work as well as 400 mg of ibuprofen. I looked on YouTube for "breast implant displacement exercises" just to see what other movements I could be doing to improve my outcome. It was worth looking at. Some docs start massage later than others so I'm using pain as my guide for intensity of massage but it's worth seeing other methods out there. Different things click for different people. Neither boob has emerged as a problem child yet thankfully, just twinges and pinches and tightness seems to go back and forth from day to day. Nothing alarming. I'm loving the size I chose and reaaaallllyy looking forward to drop and fluff. It's a mind game because I'm not in love w the way they look right now (it's painfully obvious I got a boob job!) but I want to love them. I will love them in a few months. They're still very hard too. Probably swollen, I can't tell how much it's gone down.

Some advice for what I've learned so far if you are just starting the BA journey... and update 19 days

I felt compelled to write this based on some posts I've seen on RS so if this helps someone, I'm happy. Sorry if it seems disjointed. So many docs say so many different things that conflict w each other. So just in case anyone is agonizing over a decision and getting emotional about it occasionally, just know that you have control over this process. Do your research. See at least 3 doctors. Go on YouTube. There's a lot of nice doctors posting very informative videos. Seek as much information as possible. Go on doctor's websites completely outside your area and poke around at their posted material, NOT just befores and afters. Go after what you want and listen to both sides, know the risks and potential outcomes. Just because one PS won't go over BWD doesn't mean you will have bad results or unsafe results. One doc may say rest for 6 weeks post and don't pick up more than a cereal box for 4, mine said use pain as my guide. That meant picking up my 2 yr old limitedly at 10 days post. For me, not for everyone. I saw 4 doctors total. I also researched for almost a year, the good, bad, ugly, all of it. I won't be mad at myself if something goes wrong. I know all the risks. I know all the compromises (remember there's a compromise w every breast implant type, size, placement location). I think at the end of the day, with size, it's about what you want to carry around. A larger cc won't necessarily be unsafe for you (unless you have a weakened muscle attachment or other complication pre-surgery...that sometimes won't show up until post surgery, it happens, let's be real) but you may be uncomfortable for longer in the recovery process and you might not be happy carrying around 200 cc's more. And no, 20-30 cc's won't make a visual difference unless you're a small elf. With some companies, you have to have a lot more projection to fit the cc's into a narrow implant, thus compromising a more natural look (in some bodies, others won't make a difference). There are women w small measurements who go a lot bigger and everything works out just fine. (600-700 cc!) There are women who do everything "right" and still get cc or bottom out. There are women who insist on small, B size implants and then wish they went bigger. Just everyone do your research, and come to your own conclusions for yourself within reason. Borrow implants and wear them around. Rice sizers are bullshit. They don't give you a good idea of how they will move and how much weight you are adding to run with/ practice yoga with/ lift with/ live with/ have sex with. One doc may say one thing while another disputes it. Ask questions, know enough to be devil's advocate, challenge your doc, don't be intimidated. You are hiring them. Also, a 32 D cup size is very different from a 34 D and a 36 D cup size. Most women know this but I still experience women post op that are surprised at their size. When you ask for a C and end up a D your 32 D measurement (at a real shop, not VS where they vanity size) is because of your small ribcage and if it were bigger, your cup size may be a (34) c or a (36) b even. Cup size is a tricky subject. Have pictures for your doc and talk about proportions to your body and subjects' (of your pictures) bodies. If you do all your research and have no questions going into surgery, it will be a mostly pleasant experience. Enjoy it. And don't go buy bras and bathing suits at 3 weeks post for the love of Pete. Unless you get shaped above the muscle. And get an MRI at 9 yrs because most implant warranties are expired for 10. Ok there I said my peace. Different strokes for different folks. You are beautiful no matter what. Thanks for reading and good luck! :-). *new paragraph. Adding some photos. Almost 3 weeks post. Still so high and square and tight but when I wake up in the am my right one feels softer. Then it tends to tighten up again to match left. Yesterday I didn't take any Advil at all! Today I may take some. Everyday is a little different but nothing alarming.

Feeling my incisions more now than ever

Maybe it's because the nerves are regenerating but I've been feeling the incisions more today and yesterday than ever before. I hope that's why. Tomorrow is Friday so I'd better call tomorrow if I need any reassurance that everything is ok.

22 days post op pic

Just posting 22 days post...

Finally starting to look normal

I took these photos yesterday. I was finally loving the way I looked in clothes. Until yesterday I felt like they looked so high and unnatural. They still look unnatural but I don't think that it's obvious as it was before. They've rounded out quite a bit in the last few days also. I was officially 4 weeks post on Friday, today is Monday. Another bit of advice is to get your armpits waxed before surgery. I have not been able to shave very successfully because my pits are so deep. I guess the muscle extending when lifting my arm makes that happen. It won't be forever but it's been something to be warned about. Maybe it doesn't happen to everyone. I didn't read anyone else who had that problem that I can remember...

5 weeks

Happy Mothers Day to all the mamas out there! Some things at 5 weeks: they've dropped quite a bit but I feel like it was only just noticeable a week ago. I don't feel like I need to hide them as much as when they were unnaturally high the first 4 weeks. But I also don't feel 100% confident in their look yet. I hope they soften more. They still don't move a whole lot and they're pretty firm. Still can't fully shave the pits. I still have twinges and dull pains occasionally. Nothing alarming. I picked up some mini rose plants today and I think I poked them but I didn't realize it right away! Still have numbness in the lower pole and some inconsistent alternating sensitivity and numbness. Still love my size.

6 week post op check up today

Doc said everything is going well and healing great. He showed me pictures of another patient w similar body type and how her breasts looked at 6 weeks and 6 months. Huge difference. I felt much better about them after seeing those results. I know they're going to drop more but it's hard not to worry. I'm telling myself after my appointment today that I'm not worrying. I need to practice patience. Also smooth round implants need to be placed higher initially than textured so they are exactly where they should be at 6 weeks. I LOVE how they look in this PrAna dress I tried on! I never remember to take pics of myself in this stuff! I like that I'm still the same size in dresses.

Dropping more and looking better!

This process requires patience that's for sure. Everyday I like them more and more. In 2 days it will be 8 weeks post op. Big difference in everything I can do. I am still not working out my upper body besides a few bicep curls and light things where I don't feel my pecs engage. Still stretching my pecs and tying to lessen the deep pits issue :-/ but besides that I am loving the way I look in clothes!

The drop and fluff is real

I love them more and more! I look proportional now and I feel great when I look in the mirror after getting dressed. I have no wishes anymore. I'll keep updating because I'm still seeing changes but for those of you wondering and similar to me, my drop and fluff seemed to happen around 10-12 weeks. It's gradual but then all of a sudden that shirt or bra you wore for the first 9 weeks is a little tighter. Pec muscles relax in a more noticeable way and the implant can sit more naturally. They're still super round and not the most natural looking when I'm nude but I love them so much that doesn't bother me. I'm also very lean in my upper body so I expected that. And in all honesty I wouldn't mind being a tad bigger but I think if I went bigger I might look heavy. They really are a perfect size for me. This may sound silly but now I know even if I drop a few pounds my boobs won't go anywhere!

Yay! Return button functionality "returned"!! ;-) I made a video but it looks like the only way to post videos are by doing them within the app so I'll try to post one soon.

More pics

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