Booty on the Brain - Denver, CO

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Hello! My name is Leah Im 23 years old 5'9 180 and...

Hello! My name is Leah Im 23 years old 5'9 180 and I have wanted this procedure done since adolescence. My mom and two sisters all have big round asses! I got my dads genes, so Im tall and blonde, but with no ass! I literally disgust myself and when I post some pics you'll see why. Is anyone in Denver?! All the "pros" seem to be in FL, GA, or out of country and I am NOT looking to spend 10,000+ with flights and hotels, SO I am looking at surgeons here in Denver. I have two consultations set up in May and Im starting to get antsy!! I know this is kind of irrelevant since I havent even had a consultation, but I'll be back! Oh, and thank you to ALL of there beautiful women so bravely sharing their stories (and results!) you all look AMAZING!
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