38 Yrs, 4 Kiddos, 5'3" and 125lbs

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Hi everyone! I am scheduled on October 25th to get...

Hi everyone! I am scheduled on October 25th to get a booty and a breast-lift! I wasn't going to post but I feel like this will be helpful to many, as I found inspiration in all of your stories. I've had some trouble finding girls my age and size. I'm petite and fairly skinny. I worry that I don't have enough fat to make my butt big enough! My doctor has assured me that he can do wonders and I have plenty of fat to make things work. I thought about gaining a few pounds but it's hard for me to do. My breast size is 34 DD and something they call...n'assatall! Yes, that means I have a no butt! I like my breast, they just need a little pick-me-up. I'm hoping that having the surgery will give me the confidence that I've always wanted. I've never wore a bikini and I'm hoping that I will be able to do that as well. I will post some before pictures soon.

Pre bbl pics

Sooooo...I'm only posting these disturbing pics to help others in their decision of getting a bbl. I will post my "Miss New Booty" pics after surgery. I REALLLLLY hope they'll be worth posting!

I'm getting anxious!

16 more days! I'm starting to get anxious about not having enough fat to make a difference. My pre op apt is scheduled for Friday the 17th. If any of you girls can give me some good questions to ask, that would be super helpful. Besides my bbl, I'll also be getting a breast-lift as well as ThermiVa, which is a form of vaginal rejuvenation! Just gettin back in the game! The Dr said he'd be able to get enough fat but, I've been trying to gain a few extra pounds. Right now I'm at 126 and would love to get to at least 130. I never thought I'd say that I actually want to gsin weight butt (lol), I don't want this surgery to be for nothing...or all the money it costs! I'll post again soon!

More before pics

Here are a couple more pics of my oh so "FLATTering"...lol...body! I was just looking in my closet and realize, I have alot of oversized clothes. Since my early 20's, my only comfort was by covering my backside. I cant wait to het rid of all my tshirts and baggy jeans and start dressing like...my personality. Also, It's always been very hard when I had a partner because, even though I wanted to do certain things, I was never comfortlable naked so...lights always went off. This is going to be life changing!


Hi! It's been a hectic few days, since my last post but I finally have all my medical stuff cleared! I had my pre-op apt yesterday and everyone was soooo awesome, helpful and comforting. I was fitted for my garments, which they'll have ready the morning of surgery. They provided me with my antibiotics, pain meds, anti nausea meds, as well antibiotic soap and cream for aftercare(such a stress reliever)! They also include the post op massages as well as a free facial or botox! I really feel loved by Dr. Slenkovich and his staff! I also found out that Dr. S doesn't use drains for the lipo. I was kind of nervous to hear that but...We'll see how ot goes. He's doing a 360 lipo, all around my body including my knees and inner thighs. He's also going to lipo my neck area along with a breast lift. I am super excited and also a bit nervous.


I forgot to mention...he said he will likely get aboout 3000cc's of fat out. I would like about 600-800cc's per side. I don't want my butt so big it looks unnatural. Soft, round, and subtle is the look I'm goin for!


I'm just posting because I'm soooooooooooo excited. This is my last Sunday with no ass! Yayyyyyy!

Last post till...post-surgery

My surgery is in the morning at 8am! I'm just getting all my stuff together for afterwards, when I get home. I'm only 30 mins away from my doc n surgery center so thats a major plus. I'm gonna try to get to sleep early tonight, so it'll go by faster! Wish me luck! I'll let everyone know how it went and follow up with pics.

Made it!

Im in some slight pain and a little groggy but I made it! Everything went well, and the. WHOLE staff was phenomenal..from the front desk, to the Anesthesiologist, to my aftercare RN. Dr. S videotaped it for me. I was pleased to know that he jams out to blues and AC/DC while doing his thang! He's great! So, he was ony able to get 400cc's into each butt cheek. I'm skinny and he got out all he could. I'm nervous to look at the results, although, the video results look great! Along with bbl, he did a breast lift with NO implants (looks great!) And I also had him do lipo on my jawline and neck, just to define that area. His surgery center is HIS, and right next door to his office, which makes it comforting,private, more personal, professional, catering and....you don't wake up next to anyone! I went into surgery at 9ish, and was on the road home by 4ish. There was no rush at all! The worst part was the nausea after waking up. The RN put an anti-nausea patch behind my ear which delivers constant relief for 3 days! I'm so greatful for that. I was also given the ones to put under my tongue just in case i need extra. I'm telling you, 5 star care! I have my post op massage in the morning, where they'll take my garment off and wash it for me, whilst getting the message. So, the best position for me, is on my side, with a pillow in the mentioned positions: my head, under the small of my back so there's no pressure on boobs or butt/waist, behind my back, and between my legs. Lots of pillows is a must. I've taken my vicodin, even though the pain is minimal, just to keep it minimal. I do have a high pain tolerance so that may contribute. Also, i bought a raised toilet seat, with handles on the side, which is a life saver! Ok...that's all for now! I'll keep you updated on my recovery and post pics soon. I'm boutsta take a muscle relaxer n go nyte nyte!

Post op pics

Still in pain! My body hurts more than my butt or boobs, from the lipo. I'm happy so far with the results. I only have a couple pics so far. I'll take more when i can

One more pic

I'll post morebin a couple days
Denver Plastic Surgeon

After lots of research and thought, I decided like he was the one to trust. During my consult, he was very personable and understanding of my needs. He really made me feel like he could give me great results! The whole staff is super friendly as well. I hope i made the right decision.

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