Same Results with a Good Cleaning-pain & End Results= Not Worth the $$

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Okay...Beware of Brite Smile if you have any type...

Okay...Beware of Brite Smile if you have any type of sensivity in your teeth-ouch! The only way I could describe the pain was "chewing on a block of dry ice".

I have very healthy, normal teeth-never, EVER had an issue with anything before. I brushed my teeth 3 weeks in advance with sensodyne in prep for my treatment-still, lots of jolts.

The first jolt I got-If I was able to scream I could. Then during the second and third treatments, I got the nasty bleach burn on my gums. This wasn't actually to painfull, compared to my teeth!! I had to stop 5 minutes within the 4th treatment-I just couldn't take it anymore. And this is coming from someone that has tattoos on her foot, ribcage, and back of the neck.

Results where...well, okay. Looks like I got a deep cleaning, nothing dramatic or pearly white. I think I went 6 shades from the start.

If you want some results, jolts of pain, and a "white" diet for 24hrs, then Brite Smile is for you! If not, go for the dental trays. I'm still kicking myself in the ass for not doing that instead.

Brite Smile Location-Cosmetic Dentist Office-Central, NJ

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