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I had lower eyelid surgery and went back several...

I had lower eyelid surgery and went back several times to dr johns to have this addressed but according to him, he said he was very pleased w the outcome of his lower bleph and would be proud to show anybody or doctor his work. So i am posting pictures of my before and after so you be the judge. 1st pic is my before and you can see my smile roll under my eyes that are no longer there. Also I had him to fat transfer to lower lids for he told me he never had lumps ever .


I thought a great surgeon would never change your looks only to make you look refreshed ???? Well if you look at any one, everyone has lower eyelids which move when they animate. Who has lower eyelids like this?? Dr johns blatantly denies any removal of pretarsal muscle or any removal of any fat below the lashes, although I was told by every doctor I've seen including the top specialty doctors who wrote books and lecture in seminars all over the world you know the doctors who teach other doctors, so who should I believe ?

how do you hide lower eyes ?

How could someone who brags they're that good in aesthetics preform surgery with an end result like this? Wtf no lower lids??? Who in the world has eyes that look like mine? Please contact me if you do!!! Then to say it was a good job??? Everyday us a living hellish nightmare and there is NO FIX !!!!! and I paid to have this look is what is the joke

everyone has them

While I sit here watching TV and seeing people talking w their eyes making rolls like when they smile or laugh, I see how natural they look. Then I see my eyes, no lower lids, lower eyes pulled up, fat pad or muscle hacked off, then sewn making face with no dimensional features just flat eyes, no fat around them, hollow looking, transfered fat lumpy and alittle too much in the cheek area. Very strange, un-natural lower lids. Living in a nightmare. Also suffering from spasms, an infamous dr who wrote many books told me muscles have a lot of nerve endings and that resecting the muscle would make these spasms. They're very active when I try to sleep, yep nightmare and torment

what an excuse

well today at 11:34am i returned the call to courtney at johns office to be told that johns and i were on 2 different planes and he felt it best to cancel the appt i made for sept 12. the last appt johns told me the reason my eyes/cheeks looked the way they did is bc i needed yet more fat in my face and he does alot. well if i only needed that in the 1st place why wasnt that done. anyways i said i would try a filler giving him the benefit to see if infact it would make my eyes/cheeks look better, and i was even quoted $675 and he would do it not one of the girls, unlike colleen taking my stitches out even weeks later and wanting me to go to his spa to unroof the malias on my eyes so i agreed to do this and even agreeing to pay another fee bc i only want to look normal. but i guess he doesnt want to try and make a client who turned out not to be happy with the results, better. oh well, i guess thats that. i only wished he would have called me himself but he didnt

forgive, let go and try to move on

well i got to stay positive and forgive and try to move on. i have a very loving supportive husband and i have met some great RS friends using this site. dr johns is very nice person and has a great personality but i felt i was brushed off when i started to complain about my issues. yes my lumps from my fat transfer are not always noticeable, but in certain lights and certain ways i move my eyes they are very noticeable, plus too much fat was put into my lower lids IMHO and to some of the doctors i have seen. when i went to him for my consult i was told that only a little bit of skin and tissue would be trimmed the fat pad or orbicularis oculi was never discussed and that my lower lids would be very fat. maybe i should have really questioned what was the exact plan, but i didnt and trusted johns for he did my fat transfer 3 months earlier. after my lower lid bleph in jan when my eyes finally came down from the swelling along with the missing orbicularis the lumps became more noticeable making me inquire about my outcome. after many months of opinions of ocular surgeons and others i now have 2 conflicting conclusions. dr johns vs others. this maybe very minor to some who sees me but when you see yourself for 55 years looking a certain way and then overnight when some part of your anatomy is taken away and now you are looking at a different version of yourself it is extremely difficult to process. i hope whoever is reading this realize that even the smallest removal of fat and skin can really change the way you see yourself. so if you are considering cosmetic surgery ask ask ask what exactly what the surgeon will do to you, dont settle for "im going to trim alittle skin and tissue". i only wished i would have asked asked and asked. yes without the orbicularis oculi and with fat lumps really made me look awkward and very self conscience of my appearance, i thought this procedure would make my very small wrinkle better and i would have a refreshed look, now when i look back on my photos from johns before and after pictures, i think the only person who could see this small wrinkle was me.

Wish I Could Go Back in Time

If I would gave known the problems, the changing on how you look, the hollowness the unrecognizable new you, I would have never messed with my eyes in the 1st place. I should have listened to my wise mom. Lower eye blephoplasty makes you look older, haggard and totally different from what you use to look like. It robs your mind because it's constant reminder of the screw up you purposely did to yourself forking out hundreds of hard earned money you could have spent on a beautiful much needed vacation of a lifetime 1st class. It takes away your precious sleep for all you get are tossing nightmares of how you use to look like and when you awake your nightmare goes on. It takes a toll on your social life because your too ashamed to see friends it takes a toll on your marriage because you don't feel desirable because you know you've been mutilated!!! So please if you are considering eyelid surgery think twice, and know that's how you're suppose to look like. God didn't make a mistake but plastic surgeons can.


i dont know why PS are untouchable by law. if you are in a car accident, all mangled up, rushed into surgery and a doctor works feverishly to save your life and you come out of it with a limp then he is sued because you're not perfect, a million attornyes want your case. But when you end up with poor results from a PS then you try to get money for pain and suffering from emotional distress, and its your face that everyone sees first, then the reaction is "you asked for it" "nothing was wrong with you in the first place" these PS who brag about how aesthetic they are or how many noses, eyes, lips etc they do and show you maybe 8 photos of their work, but that is only a fraction of their work. by law they ought to show you pics of patients that are not happy with their work, when you question them before having a procedure done if they had someone not happy . i asked this question ,only one out of dozen of PS i consulted with after my not so happy outcome told me about the statistic which i thought was honorable. i will not choose him to do surgery not because of this fact, but i really want an ocular to address my lower lids and not try something else to "draw away" from lower lids. francis johns told me he once removed a bad fat graph that another doctor did, funny he could do that for someone but not to me after he injected me with fat. many surgeons i asked on how to remove this fat, their answer ??? go back to the doctor who did it for he knows the injection site !!! well after my follow up visits with him, and he could not remove fat lumps under my eyes best part is he only gave one injection and said it went down, i guess he didnt want to try another injection. i would even pay for it, but he never offered. i even agreed on paying him for an injection to cheeks so it would make my eyes look more natural and not so flat and sit right on my cheeks, but he discharged me as a client. maybe its because he couldnt correct my issues, or maybe he read my review on this site ? anyways i know i am writing for many who like me are not happy with their outcome from their surgeons, i know many are feeling embarrassed to be seen, and can not forgive yourself for what you done, while many PS go on living their lives, driving their expensive cars we bought them, living in luxury homes, we paid for, sleeping peacefully while we toss and turn and cant sleep because of a PS who changed our lives FOREVER

everyone has them....almost everyone

yes if you pick up a magazine, watch TV or talk w someone face to face weather they're smiling, frowning, or not doing anything lower lids have a little roll at the lash line. they move when you animate. i uploaded pictures of the lower lids so you know what i am talking about. even the cartoon illustrator has the eyes right, for angry bird has them, but not joan van arc, hers were removed. last picture is mine. supposedly nothing was cut, resected or removed, just tightened. just seeing if my lower lids are like everyone else.


how can someone who boast that they know more about the lower lid anatomy more so than ocular surgeons do a procedure and tighten the lower lid so tight that it looks so strange that hardly no one in the world has eyes like this and say he thinks its a great job? then go on with life raking in thousands of dollars not caring how he has damaged someone who is in the prime of their life by not being able to take criticism by discharging them. ? plastic surgeon should be held accountable like every other doctor but their unscathed. so please before you let anyone touch your eyes like i did when francis johns did his little "extras" double check and triple check. for if you dont do alot of homework your could be BOTCHED and find there is no fix.

yet another

well after having another consult with an ocular plastic surgeon in utah, (who does lectures all over , wrote books and is on the internet) it is the same answer to the question i ask "what is wrong with my lower eyelids" there is no puff or roll at the eyelashes. francis johns told me he knows more than ocular surgeons, and that they dont even operate on them, but every ocular surgeon answer is my orbicularis oculi, pretarsal and sometimes they call it the lower lid muscle was removed, resected, or cut and tightened, BUT they all have the almost the same answer, its no loner a part of my eye. francis johns told me he only tightened it. didnt cut nothing, didnt remove, resect only tightened. so i guess all these ocular surgeon must not know the anatomy of the lower eye they all have the same answer, different from johns. well the bottom line is there is no fix, and most of them tells me there is too much going on for even a very experienced highly trained eye surgeon to attempt to repair the workmanship of johns surgery. too many fat lumps in too many places, my lower lid looking odd or un-natural . a doctor in chicago told me out of 12,000 revisions he has never seen eyes like mine and said he was sorry but he was unable to correct them. i cried all the way home, i almost crashed my car, driving with those words going thru my head for 11 hours. how could someone who is supposed to be a "top" according to RS make a decision to alter eyes to look so UN NATURAL???? then thinks he done such a great job and is proud.


yes yet another ocular PS from salt lake confirmed that my muscle was removed from my lower lids , which he said it was not necessary its like removing the hand for carpal tunnel syndrome ah so nicely put !! so i was at a party yesterday watching every talk and laugh and they eyes move with the mouth and face, but thanks to johns my LL are so tight that they do nothing, and when i smile my cheeks ride all the way up to the top of upper lids and theyre like crescents on a mushed in round apple from all the fat in my cheeks. how disgustingly unaesticallically GROSS . thank you francis johns for a life long freakish look that makes you want to never go out.

the unnatural look by francis johns

O much rather have gigantic bags and a million wrinkles then have this very odd and unnatural look of having no lower lids that francis johns did to my once beautiful eyes. Yes I would have to agree by the ocular surgeon in chicago who said out of his 12,000 revisions he has never seen eyes so poorly done then mine. And the other ocular surgeons who said my eyes look so unnatural. Everyone except only a few have lower lids. The only ones who don't had an inexperienced plastic surgeon butcher them off thinking it would make eyes look younger, or better.

word for word

artisan PS motto: "we believe in open communication is the key to high quality care" ? "their treatment for aesthetic goals" "addressing any questions or concerns" well if he cant address your concerns then your discharged. do you think removing or tightening the lower lid to the point that they are completely FLAT and unnatural is an aesthetic goal? like who would go into a PS office and request that a muscle that helps with your blinking be removed or tightened to the point that it gets spasms ? i would think MOST doctors would turn you away if you DID request this. "they have years of education, training and experience in PS to make you feel beautiful and confident" well my beauty and confidences that i had before his procedure is no longer there, i have NO confidence what so ever, that i cant even look someone in the eyes this includes children who dont even know how an eye is suppose to look like. hiding behind a pair of glasses dont even help . this is my update for today, more to come tomorrow.

bad fat transfer too

I would not have francis johns do a fat transfer to my face if given a second chance. Not only did he give me unnatural eyes but stuffed fat from a bad fat transfer that was done aimlessly. When I smile my cheek ball up and you can see these lumps under my skin they are in lumpy lines, some are red, some look whitish but they're definitely ugly and noticable. He's too overwhelmed with way too many patients that i believe he's too much in a hurry. I pointed them out to him and of course he couldn't see them then said he pays for the worse lighting out there so irregularities could be seen better. I had to ask my electrian if this could be possible, he just let out a roar . He never offered a solution like 5fu injections like most dr would to try and help the patient who trusted their face to but I guess it would take away from his profits or he is unskilled at remedying his mistake. So i am seeing someone else who is helping. I think there should be laws to protect people by showing the bad results along side the good results of a surgeon.

still giving out answers

francis johns is still answering peoples questions like he's an expert in everything. so far i have spoke to 4 people who had almost the same story as me, botched then discharged like we dont exist. why does he answer these questions ? to keep the "top" status quo ?? yea i wish someone would ask him why does he think removing the lower lids fat, muscle or tightening them to the point that there is no contour whatsoever aesthetic looking in his opinion . ha he did a major mistake on me but he's too high on his ego that he wont admit it, but i have the proof, just look at my eyes you can see i was worked on by an unskilled unaesthetic general plastic surgeon, instead of going to an ocular plastic surgeon who knows the eye and all parts of the eye.

no permission

i dont know why a plastic surgeon would take the liberty of removing a part of your body even if it is so insignificant like the muscle under your lower eye lids (but everyone has them) without your consent. is this considered a "top" doctor or more like an unconcern unethical surgeon who does what he pleases while the patient is unable to speak while patient is under trusting him with her face. then when you recover and discover that you are different then everyone in the world and go back to complain, the doctor covers himself by lying saying your eyes looks great and he feels he did the best job ever. ya right

contradicting doctor

francis johns told me the reason that i didnt like the way my eyes looked was the eye/cheek junction. he recommended that i get either more fat or a filler to make my cheek fuller my cheeks were full before i went to him and defined, but since he stuffed fat everywhere like in my tear troughs and near the insides of my cheeks by my nose that part that shouldnt have fat because your cheeks dont go in that close but mine do now so there is one great big blob of random fat transfer everywhere, no definition just one big blob. so much for an aesthetic sense. i find it funny how he now said i need to defined my cheeks, i seen how i use to look when i asked for my pictures from artisan, i had the contour eye with the eye muscle, i had the pockets and tear troughs and cheeks now my face is too full too round, i only pray to God someone can help me. botched !!

francis johns

ever good plastic surgeon KNOWS that fat makes you look young and vibrant, however francis johns does not know this for he ripped out all my fat around my eyes even the fat that makes up the obicularis oculi or the little puff below the lower eye lashes. the korean get surgery for this which is korean love band surgery for this little bit of fat makes you look younger. and he is suppose to be a TOP plastic surgeon ??? ha !!! he know nothing about the lower lid, or how to keep the eyes young looking or he wouldnt have been so aggressive, unless he didnt care and only worried about his almighty dollar

seeing #19 ocular surgeon

Yep I am now seeing the 19th ocular who told me when I uploaded my pics to the Dr that my lower eyelids are completely done too aggressively. He had not seen eyelids where not only the fat was ripped away, but also that the entire obiscularis oculi was removed. Fat and muscle. And to think all 19 ocular reached the SAME conclusion BUT francis johns denies this and BRAGS HE KNOWS MORE ABOUT THE EYE THEN AN OCULAR! !! Now that takes nerve or arrogant to say a statement like that.

19th ocular consult

well after seeing the 19th ocular surgeon, i was told after showing her me before johns had touched me, that johns was way too aggressive for such a small small problem. "very unethical" and too much skin was removed is what i was told. so again no fix to the damages francis johns did to me. i hope francis johns reads all this.

almost at a 2 year point

Almost at 2 yrs now and not getting any better. The few people who knew I had this done has never commented on my eyes, not that I look better or rested, but they're too polite to say my eyes look worse, made me look 59 years older. My eyes look so odd, oh which reminds me that johns said the reason I look this way is i need "fat" ??? Well if he didn't strip out all my fat in the 1st place I wouldn't have looked like I do. Then why didn't he say this in the 1st place instead of doing his lower lid bleph. Just goes to prove he has no clue on how aesthetically to do facial surgery, just doing one procedure then another, then doing another, botching each one. I had 2 botched surgeries from him. He suggested a mini lift, and more fat or filler in my cheeks. If he never removed my lower lids in the first place, my face looked balanced and pretty before he experimented with me.
Greensburg Plastic Surgeon

francis johns had a nice personality but personalities shouldnt count as a deciding factor .i have issues of not being happy on my end results on 2 separate surgeries he did, both surgeries have different problems, and one wasnt discussed before hand, not sure why i was dropped as a client. the only answer i got from the office was "we were on different planes" whatever that means and i guess i will never know for his office manager courtney called me, he didnt have the backbone like a doctor does to talk to the patient, he was too busy doing more $50 consults or operating on someone else

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