36 Yrs Old Yo Yo Weight Loss Left Me W Less Full Face

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So I have a question for all of you.. I had...

So I have a question for all of you.. I had voluma injected in my cheeks and one tear trough (apparently I'm slightly asymmetrical). I almost PASSED out. The injection site was under my cheek below and kitty corner to my nostrils.. Is that where you all got yours infected? I kind of had the idea it would be injected like Botox, right into the desired area.. Well... He drove the needle up through my cheek and it snap crackle popped all the way up. I was so grossed out. Asked for a break after the tear trough. But he wanted to get it done. I was sitting upright. At one point he moved my head into the needle to get the desired effect he was trying to achieve. Gross. Just imagining it now is making me hot and clammy hahahah. The only other time I passed out was in SERE school after blood loss.

So.. Anyone else have specifics about HOW the injection was accomplished. I read a LOT about how it looks afterword. I want to know if I was to get this procedure again (perhaps with different doc) would it be like this. I had no bruising. I think it was just moderate swelling. Still waiting for final 'effects' before loading before and afters lol.
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