Mommy Makeover W/Fat Breast Transfer - Delaware, DE

In the process of interviewing doctors to find the...

In the process of interviewing doctors to find the perfect combination of quality and price. I live about 2 hours from several big cities so local options aren't easy to find. I've had 4 c-sections with my last one being 9 years ago. I definitely know I'll move forward with a tummy tuck but I'm still going back and forth on whether to augment my breasts. I like them, I just want some volume back after breastfeeding all of the kids. I'm currently a 36AB looking to fill a solid B. I plan to have the surgery October 2016, now to find the perfect surgeon.

Pre op pictures

Pretty much narrowed down the doctor I've chosen to do my tummy tuck and fat transfer. Going for a second consult with my husband with the plan to schedule an OR date. Nervous and excited!
I wanted to post pics of the before so I can compare to the after. My worst fear is that one breast will retain more fat than the other.

Pre-op pics

My first attempt to upload via the phone app failed. Second attempt. Trying to journal as much as I can.
Dr. Khalifeh

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