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I am having my implants removed after 18 years....

I am having my implants removed after 18 years. They are saline implants and they are as hard as a rock since the very first day. My breasts always hurts and my posture has really suffered from having the implants. I can't really stand straight as I feel I have no skin to allow myself to stretch fully.
I can't wait until I get them out of me as I feel like something foreign is inside my body. The doctor said I do not need a lift. I am concerned of too much sagging skin as I am 53 and my skin as lost elasticity. Does anyone have any input on this?
I really appreciate any feedback :)

Day Before Surgery

Hi All, I am having my surgery tomorrow to remove saline implants. I thought I would feel anxious or worried about it bu I am not. I can't wait to feel me without these horrible rocks in my chest. Doctor said I might get depressed, I hope not.
I will post an update tomorrow after my procedure.

3 weeks after removal

Hi, it's been almost 4 weeks after the removal of my implants and I feel great. I am a small A cup but I feel happy about it. I feel like I am free from something. Others really din't noticed the difference as no one has asked anything about it. I am wearing my regular tops fro work and I always used fitted tops and shirts. Doctor said not to wear wire bras for sometime so I got me some without them and a couple of sport bras for good support while I heal. I was very itchy around the chest area but I supposed it was due to the surgery and trauma my body endured. My breast are small and very lose but not as bad as I though they would be considering I had C+ implants. I have no regret about removing the implants and I only wish I had done it sooner but never-the-less they're gone now and I am very happy :)
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