Vaser Lipo - Not Sure if my Upper Abs Were Done - Dedham, MA

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I had Vaser Lipo done 12 days ago on my upper and...

I had Vaser Lipo done 12 days ago on my upper and lower abs (supposedly) . I only have two incisions on my bikini line. My lower abs are sore and I can tell that the fat was removed, but the upper abs are not sore at all and I don't have any incisions on my bellybutton or anywhere above it to indicate that the doctor did anything there.

I'm having massages every other day with a girl who specializes in post-lipo massages. She was the one that raised the flag about my upper abs not being done. A week after the procedure, I was able to punch, grab and push my upper abs with no discomfort at all and my lower abs were still very sensitive. When I wear a high waist compression garment, the fat on my upper abs hangs over the garment.

I called the clinic a week after the surgery to schedule an appointment to talk about this. The doctor was not there and will not be able to see me for another 2 weeks. I talked to the secretary about my concerns. She said that, if the doctor marked my upper abs with the pen, they were done. I mentioned that I don't have incisions on my bellybutton and she said that he used the same incision from my bikini line and a large cannula to reach the top of my belly.
My question is: is that possible? Is it normal not to feel any pain or discomfort?

I can't prove that the upper abs were not done, but I am pretty sure they weren't. Any advice?

Thank you

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