TT with Muscle Repair, Breast Lift with Aug, and Lipo of Back and Flanks - Decatur, AL

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Improved self image, have 4 children (21,20,19,18)...

Improved self image, have 4 children (21,20,19,18) Looking forward to new body and clothes fitting better. I am 5'6 and 190lbs, 39 years of age I am hoping to have a more proportioned body by have a breast lift with augmentation, I am a 38 B and I am hoping for a 38 D. I am hoping for a more contoured back along with a TT which will give me a flatter and more youthful abdomen

Pre Opt Appointment

I am down to single digits now (5 days and counting). My surgery is scheduled for 6 August 2013. I am really anxious to get it over with hopefully without any complications. I had my pre opt appointment today 1 August 2013. Dr. Telepun went over all patient consent forms and what to expect the day of surgery. After having my appointment with him, I had to register with the hospital for my overnight stay and do some lab work. I took about 3 hours to get everything done.

I am 3 days post opt

I feel awful right now but I hope it is just the effects of surgery. I can see the results of the lipo, but I'm extremely sore. I hope that I will feel better tomorrow. I feel swelling in my breast and abdomen.
Decatur Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Telepun is very informative and knowledgeable of his surgical skills. His office staff is very friendly and supportive.

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