Depressed Beyond Belief-Wondering if I Should Learn to Live with This, or DoSome Laser to Lighten It for aCoverup - Dearborn, MO

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I had the outline of this snake tattoo done...

I had the outline of this snake tattoo done several years ago. I have a full sleeve on my other arm too. I was never crazy about the snake head, but I did not explore things enough to recognize that if I had the outline lasered, I could get something else in place of it.

Now, I'm petrefied that this tattoo is "offensive", and I'm worried that it's going to hurt my career/employment, because the snake head peeks out of my dress shirts at work all of the time.

My artist told me that he could most likely cover it up with a rose (which is what I told him I wanted to cover it up with) if I have a few laser sessions to lighten it up. However, I'm wondering if I should just wait it out and deal with it if and when and becomes an issue at work. I presume lasers will continue to get better and more efficient. I'm also wondering if I will be easier to do it later rather than sooner, as I have heard that tattoos are easier to remove when they are older. This is only about a year old.

I feel so stupid for getting myself into this mess, because I already had several other tattoos I regretted for different reasons. Also, I keep reminding myself that if I would of done lightening on the tattoo before coloring it all in, things would have been so much better.

Any general thoughts? Do you find this tattoo insanely offensive for the workplace?
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