5 Weeks After Otoplasty, Ears Sticking out Again - Dearborn, MI

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I'm not too sure what to do I got my procedure...

I'm not too sure what to do I got my procedure done may 9th and following up with my recovery it's seem to go great! No big issues at all and it was really looking good and what my issue that I had was that at the top my ears were pointed like a elf and I expressed to him that that was my main issue! but now that I have all my stitches out it seems like it's reverting to how it use to look I got my stitches in the front taken out after a week was up then like a half week later I got the back stitches taken out and I've been wearing my headband nonstop because I was afraid of my ears sticking out and it seemed like when I would take off my headband 10-15 min later they would stick out a little and now it's looks like it's sticking out a little bit more and I'm just really frustrated with it all like I know it takes time for the healing process but when I look at other people and there before and after it makes me feel like my procedure was a set back and I have a follow up with my doctor in July after he took the stitches out in the the back he told me he wants to see me again in July
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