"Emotional" Tattoo Shock - Dearborn Heights, MI

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I'm not sure if others have gone through this, but...

I'm not sure if others have gone through this, but I felt instant regret and shock the same night I had gotten my tattoo done. I did not rush into it. I spend over 4 years researching and thinking about it. The process was simple and nearly painless. I was so thankful that the process was over. I was on cloud 9! But then I got home after a few hours and looked at it in the mirror. The quote and font were exactly what I wanted. The placement, however, was not in the position I initially asked for. I'm not sure if I am panicky, picky and depressed because its new. Is that normal? Does the new tattoo shock wear off? I feel as if my tattoo is slanted. I only see it as being normal when my arm is twisted in an uncomfortable position. My mother was the one who pointed out how slanted it looked to her. I want it balanced out or fixed somehow. I'm not sure what I should do. I'm desperate for advice. Unfortunately, laser removal is not an option; I am an unemployed full-time student.
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