45 Years Old - Very Good Experience

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45 years old, I was looking for a way to improve...

45 years old, I was looking for a way to improve the networks of fine lines and rough texture my skin has gotten the last few years. My treatment was done by a Board-certified Dermatologit. It was $300 per treatment for the lower face (from the eyes down) and $500 per treatment if you wanted to do the forehead, too, but I did not. They recommend 3-5 treatments, at least a month apart.

The procedure itself hardly hurt at all, the numbing cream worked great and all I really felt seemed like sparks of static electricity. Made my eyes water a few times but that was it. I've had dental work that hurt much more. My face swelled immediately, but ice packs helped and mostly I just looked a little puffy and slightly sunburned. My husband didn't even notice it that evening.

At work the next day I wore a litle make up to cover the extra pink, but, while I could feel the swelling, it wasn't really noticable to others. The rest of the week my skin felt sand-papery and itched a lot as it healed, and I reapplyed moisturizer in the afternoon to help.

1 week later, my skin is almost healed, but still a little itching and flakey. However, I can see a difference, not drastic, but a smoother appearance to my skin, a softening of the wrinkles over my upper lip and under my eyes. It's easy for me to compare because I did not have my forehead done, and I can see the difference in the texture of my skin on my cheeks and lower face compared to my forehead. And this is only the first treatment.

I will probably wait 2 months before getting the next one, just to see the longer-term results, but so far I am very happy with the whole experience.

Dermalogists of Southwest Dayton

Board-certified, very pleasant and informative.

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