Much Needed Revision Rhinoplasty - Darien, CT

I am looking for a smaller more defined nose.. My...

I am looking for a smaller more defined nose.. My nose is bulbous, long and wide.. I'm confident that Dr. Frederic Newman will work his magic and give me the nose I always wanted .. Monday April 18,2016 is the day..I will post surgery day pics and other post op pictures after the surgery..will keep everyone updated..

3 days till the big day

I am nervous & excited at the same time.. I hope my revision will be a good one.. I am not expecting perfect but a more shorter , natural looking nose.. ????

Tomorrow is the big day

So nervous.. Tomorrow is my revision rhinoplasty.. ????

Finally done

Dr Newman was so caring and his staff is wonderful... Made me feel very comfortable with the whole surgery..his nurses and anesthesiologist were great..woke up from anesthesia with no pain just feel Very uncomfortable because I can't breathe with this packing up my nose..Dr Newman wants to see me in his office tomorrow to make sure everything is ok..but now starts the healing process.. Day one resting at home.. I have my warm mist humidifier.. Am sleepy.. Will keep everyone updated..

Day 1

Today all I did was rest and sleep.. Hate this that I can't breathe.. Can't wait till Friday when they take packing out.. And then next Monday I get my cast off

Day 2

Went to Dr Newman today .. He said everything went great with surgery and he removed a lot of scar tissue from my nose.. And he did a turbinate reduction.. I can't wait I get my packing out Friday and my cast off pain today just uncomfortable with the packing and can't breathe through my nose..

Day 2

Day 2 pic

Day 3

No changes another sleepless night because I can't breathe through my nose.. Can't wait to get packing out Friday so I can breathe.. Monday I get cast off then I can wear my makeup..????

Day 4

No changes just another sleepless night.. Very congested .. Can't wait to take this packing from my nose tomorrow..

Day 5

I got my packing out.. Yeah!! I can breathe.. What a relief..Monday I get my cast off..

Day 7

No new updates.. Just a lot of congestion .. Getting my cast off tomorrow instead of today because my car broke down so I rescheduled to take cast off tomorrow .. ????. Will post pics after my cast is off

Day 8

Cast is off .. So far it's good.. Nose is swollen which is normal and still a little bruising.. No makeup..

Day 9

Still very swollen.. And a little bruising under eyes and on bridge of nose...

Day 9

Major Major headache all day today.. Took Tylenol .. Head still hurting I guess from all this congestion ..

Day 10

Nose is Super Swollen this morning.. Still have a headache..hopefully will get better as the day goes on

Later in the Day 10

A little less swollen.. Nose changes by the day

Day 11

Not much to update.. Just swollen.. Lots of swelling of nose..

Day 12

I don't know.. Nose doesn't look right today.. Very swollen & crooked.. Oh boy...:(

Day 13

A little depressed right now., nose is still super swollen and crooked., I gues I have no choice but to be patient., :(

Day 21

Still super swollen & a little crooked.. Hopefully it will get better soon ..

Almost one month

Still super super swollen :(. Looks worse than before :(

June 6 almost 2 months post op

Almost 2 months post op and I absolutely hate my nose.. It's still super swollen and bulbous and I'm getting little bumps on the side of my nose... I should of left it alone.. It was better before surgery..:(

Almost 2 months

Here is current pic.. What do you think?

2 months post op

2 months and I totally hate my nose.. I asked for shorter more defined nose but it seems like my nose got longer & more bulbous. Here is a side view .. I'm so depressed and disappointed..

5 months post op

Hate hate hate my nose looks worse than before has no definition or beauty ( it's even longer than before)... Everyone of my friends & family gave bad reviews on my nose.. I am so upset at myself for trusting same Doctor that did first rhinoplasty to do revision .. Spent so much money and I'm not happy at all .. Don't even want to take pictures..

5 months post ...Not feminine nose at all.. Look at indent on nose between my eyes.. Too bulbous .. Bad revision

Not worth it..

very unhappy with this dr.. he did primary & my revision( that was huge mistake on my part going back to him). Nose is very bulbous.. have lumps on my nose and it's still long.. not a feminine nose at all!! Not what I was looking for.... don't even want to smile anymore..

This is the revision nose! Not happy at all...a lot of bumps and soooo bulbous...

I emailed my complaint to his office..

I emailed my complaint to his office but No answer from his office yet.. :(
Connecticut Plastic Surgeon

Dr Newman is the nicest Doctor .. He listens to what your concerns are and tells you what he will do and what to expect. I trust him & His staff is the nicest and make you feel so comfortable .... I hope I get the nose I want .. This is the only revision I'm getting so let's hope it's a good one..

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