Consultation review: 33 Yrs Old Mother of 2 - Danville, CA

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Hi ladies and gentlemen I literally had a 10 min...

Hi ladies and gentlemen I literally had a 10 min interview. I had asked alot of questions. Most of his response was to not worry about it, it doesn't matter.
He said gummy bear is bad.
He measured me and didnt tell me the demensions of my breast. I asked about the diameter of the base of the implant... again he told me to not worry....
First of all if I am going to let this man put anything in me, I'd like to know what exactly is he putting in. His ideal of breast may not be my ideal of breast. He showed me 2 different 3D examples and I was not excited. I was hoping to see more. He did not go thru any before and after photos with me. I did not get to feel nor was offered to touch the silicone he suggested that he will be using. I ask about a low profile and he said he doesnt think it will look good on me. I would like to see that on 3D to see why... anyways I felt awkward and uncomfortable. I will continue to find my doctor who will be more informative and cares about my thoughts...
I told his coordinator about my experience and she says that he probably doesn't get women who ask that many questions.... really? Lol wow. So people just goes in and let this man decides everything without knowing anything? I left his offce and went thru his before and after photos.... not impressed!!!
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