Beware of Artefill Cheek Augmentation

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In September of 2007 it was recommended to me that...

In September of 2007 it was recommended to me that I enhance my cheek and under-eye area with Artefill. I was told that it would give my face a lift, plump it up and create a more youthful appearance.

The first thing I noticed after the injections was, that my lower eye area looked more wrinkled due to the fact that my cheek was sticking out more.

It has been 2 1/2 years now and the Artefill has moved from my cheekbone area down to the area next to my nose and mouth, above the nasal labial fold. This increases my nasal labial folds as well as making the appearance of my cheeks look saggy, uneven and lumpy.

As a licensed medical esthetician and PhD in Bio Sciences who develops and manufactures skin care and chemical peel products, looking young is very important to me and my business. I have experienced with a treatment called Dermesonic Skin Rejuvenation which uses ultrasonic stimulation to move the artefill back into place. I have had 3 treatments so far and it is starting to look a lot tighter. It hasn't moved back all the way, but I think with some more treatment there is hope. I have 2 clients in my aesthetic practice who had the same cheek enhancement with Artefill and experienced the exact same migration. We are working with Dermesonic on correcting the issue, but spending more time and money on fixing it was certainly not anyone's intention when purchasing the already costly injections.

Artefill might be o.k. to use in the lips - mine are still in place as of today - but certainly keep it away from the face.

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They should have researched the product and inform their patients about these long-term problems (which are well publicized as I know now) before recommending Artefill as well as offering alternatives.

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