Had The MiraDry Procedure Yesterday - So Far So Good - Dallas, TX

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After reading tons of reviews on this site, I'd...

After reading tons of reviews on this site, I'd say my experience so far is pretty typical. I've had excessive sweating since puberty. In situations where most people will be completely dry or only slight sweaty, I have wet pit stains to my elbows.

I've tried every OTC anti-perspiration ever made. Certain dri was the best thing I've tried, but still only cut down my sweat about 30%. I was googling medical options, as I am getting fed up with dealing with this for so many years and the annoyance/embarrassment it's caused me.

I then saw Miradry mentioned on a site and started researching. A non-invasive treatment? What a godsend! Long story short ;) I had my first treatment yesterday and so far no sweating, although my pits are very swollen and painful at the time, so maybe too early to tell.

The injections were not as bad as I thought and overall the treatment was pretty painless. I had to go back to work after the treatment and didn't start icing until 3 hours after the procedure, which was a big mistake! I have tennis ball size sweating that goes from mid arm to my chest area, not very comfortable at all! Id say clear your schedule for a few days solid after the procedure.

I had the level 4 and I'm a very petite woman. 114lbs and 5' 5". So that may play into it. So far I've taken arnica pellets, applied arnical gel constantly, and am taking Advil and ibuprofen for the pain and discomfort. I'm glad I read the small water bottle int the sock trick, it's working like a charm so far! I will update later with pics and more info!
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