Dallas, Texas. 47 and Determined Not to Remain a Forever Fat Girl. Dallas, TX

I am just starting my journey in terms of diet,...

I am just starting my journey in terms of diet, exercise and researching doctors for a full tummy tuck/lipo, brazillian butt lift and a much needed breast lift. I am currently looking for a part time job to help with expenses/savings. I am looking to make friends, and welcome all advice/experiences.

Dream body Wish list

Searching different body types...

Goals I am working towards


#Butt Goals

Saving $$$$ for my dream

So I am really thinking that I want to be a Medina doll. I love her work. I have considered Cabral, Manon, and Sabala but I am really leaning towards Medina????. I still have a way to go with saving and weightloss, but I'm so excited to be working towards my goals. #2017Medinadoll
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