Traditional lipo in Dallas 6/29/17

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Hi all! I am going through with traditional...

Hi all! I am going through with traditional liposuction on June 29, 2017. I am having my flanks, abdomen, inner and outer thighs done by Dr. Josh Lemmon in Dallas, TX. He's amazing and has done my Breast Aug. 2 years ago so I trust him. I am still a bit scared about the procedure and recovery on the whole. I'll need a whole lot of help and support for my post op, mainly with keeping the swelling down and working on tightening the skin asap. Thanks everyone!

7 Days Pre Opp

7 days pre op

7 Days Pre Op

Measurements were 30" waist at belly button, 41" hips at legs shoulder width apart, 24" thighs at biggest part (up higher). I feel pretty bloated today so I'm going to scale way back on the carbs and salt.

7 Days Pre-Op Traditional Lipo

First Video- Pre-op 7 Days Out

Explicit - Click to view

Here are some more photos of shorts that fit last year and a video.

5 days post op! Need garment help?

Hi! I have ordered a few garments through Amazon and not all seem they will work. Any suggestions on a brand of style you loved? Thanks!

5 Days Pre-Op for Traditional Liposuction 6/29

Hello! Well, I've packed my "lipo bag" (I live in Houston but am having my surgery 4 hours away in Dallas), and I've began to make my last Wal-Mart run list to start packing my clothes for the days I'll be away. I've taken some more photos as I feel like my water weight varies so much lately. Getting excited! Again, I'm having my flanks, inner/outer thigh and abs done.

2 days pre-op, consult Day.

Hi! So I had my consult yesterday and I am having my abs, flanks (and a little feathering into my back), and inner outer thighs. He says he wants to do a little on front and back of thighs which I'm hoping won't dimple. I trust him so we are almost ready! Below are the contents of my "lipo bag." All items I found from Amazon. I'll update to which ones I even used. Yay!

Surgery tomorrow!

Here's the last of my before pics. Again, going forward with lipo of flanks, abs, thighs. Eeeks!!

Measurements pre/op

Hi! I forgot to add my measurements. 30" waist, 41" hips standing feet shoulder width, thigh 21.5", weight 150. Height 5'6"

Day 0 and 1

Ok so..holy $"@&! Going into surgery I was nervous and whimpering like a baby. Then I was out. Procedure took about 2 hours. I got to the surgery center at 6am and left at 11ish. I took my time in recovery. Ride home was rough. My mom and I had a total meltdown around 5pm to 9pm BC I was only leaking through two (out of maybe 14 incisions so it was much more clean and comfortable to stand. I'm taking Percocet and I don't feel it really helps much. I must not respond to pain meds well. Day 0 I slept decently but was grossed out by laying in wet clothes (on puppy pad things) to sleep. In and out of bed is rough, as is sitting. When I sit, the very lower back stitch and the one under my butt (only on right) was the only ones leaking out of like 14 incisions. Day seems less yucky, bruising seems the same but I'm still too sore to sit. Picking something up off the ground is almost impossible. But I feel energetic enough, so that's good.

48 hours after lipo

So here we are, 48 hours post op. Today felt a lot like day 0 right after I got home. Getting in and out of bed is still pretty challenging. I had super bad stomach cramps last night which were mostly from not having a BM. My mom went and got me some magnesium citrate to drink (any local pharmacy or grocery should have it). It works super fast and it gives you (tmi) almost water poops. But I'll tell you it's so much easier to expel than pushing it out. Stay near a bathroom for a few hours for sure. The bruising and swelling seems to be about the same and I'm very hard but I can imagine how great I will look when that subsides. I have a much better appetite today and I'm still taking the Percocet. It doesn't take away all of the pain, not for me at least, but I'm sure it helps somewhat. Would I do this again? Yes. It seems (cross fingers) the leaking has stopped. I was only leaking out of 2 spots on my right booty cheek so imagine all of the fluids coming out of only two ways vs equally all over.

Must purchases!!

Just a few things I found I couldn't have lived without. Buy maxi pads and tape them over leaking incisions with surgical tape. Arnica tea is a nice option too. For constipation, a stool softener with that magnesium citrate, straws, protein bars and shakes, towels that aren't white, Hulu and Netflix. Plus items I took pics of. All from Amazon. The cheapy, soft blankets don't let you leak on a nice comforter .
Posting pics.

Late Sunday Night

So if I had my surgery on Thur morning, it's now late Sunday night. My crazy ass is going to drive from Dallas to Houston tomorrow. 4 hours! The doc said I should be fine and I must wear my compression garment. I might wear my Spanx until I get home. I slept a lot today. Almost all day. Just in preparation for tomorrow. I've been doing some light squats. I feel pretty hard but I kind of like the feeling as it reminds me of when I was super lean and muscular (even though the swelling says I'm 1" ish and 5 lbs heavier than pre op). I swear the Emu oil I've been rubbing on after the shower is working little by little. I'm down to ibuprofen from Percocet BC honestly I can't tell the difference. My lumbar area Is the only thing I wish had more strength.

Monday Monday Monday!

Ok, so here we are, 4 days post op (if you count op day as 0) and I'm feeling good. I drove from Dallas to Houston and only stopped once. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. 4.5 hrs in the car. I am going to take a nap without my compression garment for a while and elevate my feet, shower and go back to sleep for the evening. Tomorrow is July 4th and I hope to do something sort of fun. This is a pic in Jammies. Night night!

Tue! Happy 4th of July!

I slept in my own bed last night for the first time since last Tue (and all through my post op) and I've realized my mattress sucks. Must work on that. (I was in a very nice hotel). I've been sleeping in my garment and I notice when I take it off there are indentions where the zippers and such are. I slowly and gently massage them and I'm washing my garment today. I'm going to attempt to lie by my friend's pool for a bit today. Could be a huge mistake. I'm not getting in. I'm in Houston so I'm sure I'll sweat and be inside in 10 mins. Bruising and swelling seems about the same. Weight is the same pre op. Thighs have gone down a little. I'm still rock hard but it kind of feels better than jiggly. My 3 dogs are in a boarding place until tomorrow, so I must enjoy today as it get real tomorrow.

Day before surgery and today (Thur-Tue)

One week out from Traditional Lipo with Dr. Lemmon in Dallas

I went back to the Percocet last night and today as I felt I might have over did it between the heat and the errands. In and out of the car can wear on you. No real weight drop.
Measurements seem the same. My legs and flanks (and lumbar) is still pretty stiff. I feel a few lumps here and there but I understand that is to be expected. I'm having my first Lymph massage today. Bruising is interesting. Such a myriad of colors. A lot of dark purple staining in my labia area.

A week and a day post-op

Hi there! Since it's been raining off and on I decided to take Thur and Fri for "days of rest." I've sort of been overdoing it lately, so why not? I am trying a new compression garment I found on Amazon only BC the Zippers are in different places. Here are some pics of the garment under clothes. Oh! And I can touch my toes today!!! I've always been into yoga and what not so post op when I couldn't I freaked!

9.5 days out for lipo

Hi! So far life is almost back to normal. Pain is ok. Back (lumbar) is still numb. Inner thighs are hard and feel kinda lumpy. My first massage will be in a week if not sooner. I'm drying to work out. I'm down maybe 3 lbs post op. I'm trying my best not to eat a lot. Chicken, eggs and rice for now. The bruising is what it is. I asked if I could get a spray tan just BC and I was given the green light. It will probably make all of this look worse but at least my chest and arms will be better.

12 days out from traditional lipo

Here are some pics. I'm down a few lbs but I'm starting to feel lots of weird bumpy spots near my inner thighs, hips and a pocket thing on my back. I feel ok though.

Don't use magic eraser!

I read somewhere that someone used magic eraser to get the medical ink off (I had just a little left in some places). Alcohol, soap, etc didn't work so I thought...why not. Don't! That's why! Just a tiny bit of scrubbing caused a cut. Lol! Duh!

Almost 2 weeks out from lipo. Bikini time!

Sans swelling and bruises, plus spray tan. I'm cool with it.

2 week blahs after lipo

Ok, I'm having incredible trouble sleeping, I had my first massage yesterday and I think I feel a little yuckier than I did before. I'm going to try and work out a little today, but I just feel super low in energy. I'll break out of it as I need to hit it hard at work next week. Any help?

Getting lumpy?

Hey guys! Ok here's today's pic. The ac in my home went out last night so I didn't wear my compression garment most of the past two days. Too hot in Texas! Bruising is going down but I've eaten badly for 2-3 days. No more! Intermittent fasting begins tomorrow! My pre existing cellulite is coming back. Booo!

3 weeks out from lipo

Hi! Well, I'm pretty pleased with my results so far, but I am so ready to be feeling normal again! I'm still very sore in my back and on the backs of my legs. Sitting (on a toilet for example), is still fairly painful/uncomfortable. Getting in and out of the car, same way. Sleep has been hindered a bit, but it's getting better.

Shorts fit!

Yay! My shorts that were fairly tight before my procedure (3+ weeks ago) fit nicely now. And dare I wear a crop top? Lol!

One month out from traditional lipo from Dr Josh Lemmon in Dallas

Hi all! So the soreness has gotten much better but my lower back is still numb/super sore and my inner thighs burn. I have some gym work to do still on my back and arms but here's the swimsuit pic.

8 week follow-up

I had my 8 week follow up visit with Dr Lemmon last Wednesday. The said all was looking good. I have a knot on my side (waist line) that he says is scar tissue that a massage therapist could help work out. There is a little line/crease on my right thigh that we hope will even out over the months otherwise I'll have to have another procedure. Booooo! I am overall pleased even though I've only lost maybe 5 lbs and 1-2 inches in my waist. I still swell if I look at salt. My yoga pants almost needed to be cut off after dinner the other night! He said I didn't need to wear my compression garment any longer but I think until my sodium devil goes away, I'll still wear it when I can. It does help. I've started dry brushing before showers to help the cellulite I already had. I am back in yoga and MUST start on a diet plan so tomorrow I will begin the Beachbody workouts and Shakeology shakes (which I'm also a coach) and get ready for my train for a bikini competition. Hopefully be ready by March! Yay!

It's been a while and excuse my Hurricane Harvey bad eating habits

Although here are some more before and after pics. Yay!
Richardson Plastic Surgeon

Granted, I am only 4 days out, I feel my results are great. Or will be. Dr. Lemmon is truly wonderful and realistic. He's not into the "snake oil" type procedures. He sticks with traditional if it works. Will post more later! UPDATE: I am a return patient to Dr. Lemmon's office (previous Breast Augmentation in 2015 and Botox injections) for a liposuction procedure. I had just a few problem areas that didn't seem to respond to diet or exercise. Dr. Lemmon and his staff were amazing and super informative on what I would experience during my procedure. I was so pleased by my breast augmentation, I had full trust in this procedure preformed by him. The surgery went on time (early actually!) and so far I love the results. I'd recommend Dr. Lemmon for these two procedures without any hesitation.

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