A Long Road to Straight Teeth - Dallas, TX

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I found this site researching how long I will have...

I found this site researching how long I will have to wear my retainers. It was a long and difficult process for me. My dentist (NOT and orthodontist) had personal problems and was out several months during my treatments. I hate to tell you this, but I was in Invisalign to 3 1/2 YEARS. I had 4 refinements which took months to get the new trays from Invisalign. If I had it to do over again, I would go to an orthodontist. I really needed to be in conventional braces to get the perfect result I wanted. I had waited a long time to get straight teeth (waited until kids were grown) and they are not perfect. To me it was painful and a hassle, but I was I very compliant patient. My biggest piece of advice is to go to an ORTHODONTIST before you decide on Invisalign. Only then can you make an informed decision. General dentists do not know enough in my opinion to give you a good picture of what the outcome will be. Oh and I just found out I will be sleeping in these retainers for the rest of my life if I want my teeth to stay straight.

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