I Had my Ideal Implants REMOVED. I Did Not Like Them - Dallas, TX

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After having silicone implants that needed to be...

After having silicone implants that needed to be replaced because of age, I thought Ideal Implants would be a good replacement. I was Wrong! The Ideal Implant is much heavier feeling and a much wider implant. It did not look or feel as good or natural as silicone. My Ideal implants felt a bit flimsy, somewhat jiggly and even seemed to flex in areas when touched. One of my breasts even had a square look to it.
I had my Ideal Implants removed and replaced with silicone implants. I am now thoroughly happy with my silicone implants!!
After much research and acknowledgement that silicone implants are safe and improved, I"d only recommend silicone. Silicone implants also have a much longer average life span and do not have valves like Saline implants. So they do not have the risks associated with valves.. And Ideal Implant have two valves.
Talk to several Doctors (consultations are usually free) so that you can decided what is best for you. I feel silicone is much superior and from research a greater amount of doctors concur.
I hope this helps a few people avoid the disappointing experience I had.with Ideal. I do NOT recommend them. Best of luck!
*Photo of my square looking Ideal Implant 3 months post surgery
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