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My wedding is scheduled for October of this year....

My wedding is scheduled for October of this year. I am 29 years old and a mother of 3. My abdominal area has suffered damage known as Abdominus Rectus Diastasis Disorder in which the right and left side of the rectus abdominus muscle separates. This also causes the skin to sag in the abdominal area resulting in a hanging pooch as I call it lol. Im only weigh 127 pounds but Im also only 5'1" tall. I will post the picture of my before as well as my wedding dress. I'm needing breast augmentation but Im not a fan of implants due to the horror stories I've heard. I need a tummy tuck and I want a butt augmentation by fat transfer for more curves. I've researched many physicians, and I'm tempted to go abroad for the surgery but I'm weary to be that far away from home for that extended period of time. The Dominican Republic offers very competitive rates. I received an estimate from Dr. Robles in the DR of $5200 for the tummy tuck and fat transfer. I'm unable to combine all 3 procedures. I'm planning to visit Dr, Meade in Dallas as well as receiving a quote from an Atlanta doctor. In areas like Atlanta, where the procedures are commonly done, the prices are a lot lower. I'll keep every one posted.

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