Desperately Want a Chin Implant - Dallas, TX

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I would like to start the process of correcting my...

I would like to start the process of correcting my severe underbite. Orthodontics, orthognathic surgery and eventually an implant if needed. I never want to see myself in the mirror or take pictures because of the vast disparity between what I feel on the inside and what is looking back at me in the mirror. My facial expressions don't make any sense with the way my face looks, so ultimately I just refrain from using them at all and just feel dead inside. Could really use a confidence boost.

So, based on the rendering, would it be worth it for me? The cost for everything I need (braces, surgery, etc) will be $30,000 or more in total from what I have researched.

I don't even know where to begin or even how to wrap my head around such an astronomical price tag.

Better rendering

Rendering of possible implant results
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