Clear Correct is Disappointing - Dallas, TX

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I would definitely recommend going with Invisalign...

I would definitely recommend going with Invisalign or traditional braces. I was supposed to be finished with Clear Correct in 9 months, and I am currently going on 20 months. The desired result hasn't been achieved (I still have gaps) and I've had to have impressions taken 3 times, and a 4th time later today, because at the end of the cycle, the gaps are still there -- just in different places. My last set of impressions (the 3rd time it was done) were sent off to the lab 13 days ago. Only when I called my dentist's office, and when they in turn called the Clear Correct lab, did the lab say they needed new impressions, instead of the lab recognizing it and notifying my dentist's office - those prolonging the whole process yet again. So today I go back for a 4th set. I'm so tired of the whole process, especially when I am so diligent about wearing them, with disappointing results every time it's supposed to be over. I'm hoping this is the last time and I can finally get my retainer after who knows how many more months. I would definitely choose an option other than Clear Correct. I've had friends who have had perfect results with Invisalign with a shorter time span. I wish I had gone that route. I'll be posting this on Invisalign's page too.
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