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Hi everybody! I am so excited to find this forum!...

Hi everybody! I am so excited to find this forum! I am scheduled to have my surgery September 27th and it's all I can think about. I've had large breasts since puberty (yikes!) and since having my daughter, they've grown larger. After suffering with tension headaches and shoulder pain for years and not knowing the cause, it finally clicked. So back in March I scheduled a consultation with a plastic surgeon at UT Southwestern Medical Center (where I work). He said I was an excellent candidate and I would benefit greatly from the surgery. I then discovered that a friend of mine had used the same doctor and while she did recommend that I try a different one, I decided to stick with my doctor. His portfolio is excellent, as is his bedside manner. Why, just today, I e-mailed his assistant with concerns regarding anesthesia awareness and he replied that I could contact him directly with any questions. I did, and he put my mind at ease.

I am now a 42DD and I would like to be a small C, large D (at the extreme displeasure of my husband; i turned him into a "boob man").
I have the full support of my friends and family (including my husband, even though he says he is going to miss "them" lol!), but I need other women who have been or are going through the same thing. I really look forward to getting to know you all.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kenkel is a surgeon at UT Southwestern, where I happen to work.

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