34A, No Kids, 24 Hr Recovery BA, 210cc Silicone Mod Profile

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I've seen a lot of BA reviews detailing women's...

I've seen a lot of BA reviews detailing women's recovery w/ a lot of pain and narcotics, bruising etc so decided to share my experience. When I was researching BA I came across the 24 hr recovery technique started by Dr. Tebbetts and decided I would only get my modest BA if I could find a surgeon I liked that did it (Dr. Tebbetts is now retired). I found 3 surgeons who trained under him and finally picked one. So details on the 24hr recovery process: The surgery lasts only 30 min and the nurses are trained to hold the retractors a certain way to avoid bruising. The pocket for the implant is done using electrocautery instead of blind dissection w/ fingers. The implant is placed in the dual plane position. After you wake up from surgery you do 5 arm raises then go home, take a 2 hour nap, wake up take 800mg tylenol, then take a warm shower. After this, you'll take the tylenol 3x/day for 5 days and do the arm raises every hour you're awake for 5 days. You're encouraged to get out of the house in the evening the day of your surgery for something fun like dinner or a movie.

My experience: I was barely an A cup and wanted a modest increase to a full B. Settled on 210 cc round, silicone moderate profile. I showed up at the center at 9:30AM and was on my way home by noon. I had zero pain just pressure and that sore feeling of an intense upper body workout. I had left over 600mg Tylenol from a previous dental procedure so took that instead of the 800 mg and was completely fine. No bruising, no need for help getting up or doing things. My roommate came home after work and had no idea I'd had a procedure done. I'm 10 days post op doing well (except for fluctuating booby greed but most of the time I like the size) and dying to get back to the gym. I've been taking my dog on long walks though so that helps.

So you can definitely have a BA without the pain and discomfort of narcotics etc! Of course, you'd have to find a surgeon who's been trained in this procedure but it's worth it.

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