28 year old hoping to restore fullness in breast after having 1 child and weightloss

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My breast have been bothering me since about 6...

My breast have been bothering me since about 6 months after the birth of my son. They have only gotten worse over time. I decided to start losing weight since I was slightly heavier than I was pre baby and that has only made my breast look worse. I'm hoping to start seeing doctors soon to get more info on what procedure is best suited for me and hopefully get on the path to boosting my confidence.

Here are my wish boobs

This is me when I was 18. I was full C. I will want to go to about a large D (I was smaller framed back then) but I want the overall look of my old breast. I have been reading up a lot lately and am leaning towards the Sientra implants. I have a consultation Friday and am hoping all goes well. I'm also waiting for my bank to apporve my personal loan. This could obviously be a major set back.

Some bad news today

Heard back from one of the doctors I was hoping to go to and based on my pictures they suggested and lift and aug. Which would bring the cost from $4500 to $8000 which is something I didn't expect and didn't budget for. Definitely made me pretty bummed.

Another consultation

Went in for another consultation and this time kept its close to where I live. I found the Dr looking through Real Self post. Everyone had nothing but positive things to say about him and I'd thought I'd give him a go. I am so glad I did! He was extremely personable, took his time, and told me exactly what he thought I needed. Him and I are on the same page as far as size and procedure goes. I am hoping to schedule my appointment and have my surgery performed within the next few weeks. School starts back at the end of August and my son's birthday is the first week of September, I'd like to give myself some time to heal before all of that.


I scheduled my surgery for August 21st. Super excited and EXTREMELY nervous. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Need some advice

My surgery date is august 21st. My son starts pre k the 24th. Should I be worried?


Internet searches...UGH! As if I wasn't nervous before, now I am extremely scared. Was on here yesterday and was scrolling through the review section and came across a review where a woman stated that she had gotten some sort of "poisoning" from her implants. So now I'm here, freaking out, scared that I am going to get ill if I go through with it. At the same time, I'm telling myself "stop! stop doing this to yourself. just do it and be happy!"
IDK... Still worried about how close my surgery date and my sons first day of school are. (21st & 24th) He's my #1. Feeling unsure right now. :(
Any feedback would be appreciated.


Tomorrow is Pre Op

Yesterday I had a weird day. Kept contemplating whether I "needed" this. Went to try on a few bras to try to make myself feel more confident with what I have... FAILED miserably. Nothing fit right. My shirts just keep getting larger and larger on me.
I keep getting support from all my family and friends. It's in my nature to be such a nervous and indecisive person. I scare myself with the "what if's". I am seriously the WHAT IF Queen! Hoping that my doctor will put all my nerves at ease tomorrow. I want this. I want it BAD! I really need to stop over thinking and psyching myself out.

Put off

My son has to have some dental work done and it has to be done at a hospital. Insurance won't cover all of it so I'm paying a chunk out of pocket.
I'll be putting off my surgery for awhile.

Thinking December

It's been bothering me that I had to cancel my surgery. It didn't at first because I was nervous about it and it felt good to not have to worry but now that it's not happening and looking at myself in the mirror and not being happy with what i see... It made me sad.
I was thinking of rescheduling for when my son is out for christmas break. It gives me 2 weeks to recover and I'll have more family around to help out.

December 18th

Talked to the office manager and re scheduling for the 18th of December. Son will be out for Christmas vacation and my sister will be back in town for good. Son has been scheduled for his dental work on Aug. 20th (my original surgery date)

Officially scheduled

Went and put my deposit down to reserve December 18th. Post op will be December 3rd. Still so far away but I feel good about pushing it back until December. Just makes sense to hold off a few months. But now I'm feeling anxious. I'm sure December will be here before I know it.

Son's surgery

So my son came down w/a fever last night and the doctor said to re schedule. So now we wait until Monday. Poor little guy just all of a sudden started not feeling so well.

Too much time

The waiting game is a stressful one. Been thinking if I should bump my surgery up sooner but the only other time I could really do it is thanksgiving and i cant do that because we take our family trip to Alabama during that time. I've also been contemplating if I should just wait all together and get a lift and implants. My PS said I would get great results and be happy with my results without the lift. I just don't want to have any regrets. I've also lost 6lbs and have reached my target weight of 125lbs (I'm actually 122lbs ) I just feel like after losing more weight my breast look even worse. Just a ton of emotions right now.

Questions about bras

I'm 6 weeks out from my Pre Op and 8 weeks from my surgery date. Seems like the time is zooming by.
I've been looking at front close bras and was wondering what size to buy? I'm a 34C as of now and I'm going to go either 375CC/400CC Moderate Plus or HP under the muscle. When I last saw my PS we had talked about 375CC Moderate Plus but now I'm wondering if I should do HP and bump up to 400cc? I do want to look natural. Anyway, any help with front zip sport bras recommendations and sizing would be greatly appreciated!

Emailed my PS office manager

My pre op was to take place on December 3rd, emailed my PS office manager to ask her questions about my pre op appointment and asked if I could go over sizing and profile again (because it's going to be 4 months from my consultation to my pre op and I may want to go a tad bigger). Well, good thing I did. The PS wouldn't had been at my pre op because he's in surgery that day and I was put down for 375 moderate plus. I may stay with moderate plus but was thinking possibly going with HP (obviously I'm going to go with what my PS suggest) but I'm thinking of going up to 400 or maybe 425. Anyway, my appointment was moved to the following day and my PS will be able to go over implant sizing and profile. I did like how the 375 sizers looked (wish I would've taken better pics) but I also heard that you lose some CC's when going under the muscle so... we shall see. These days are flying by though. Feels like just yesterday I went ahead and made my deposit for the surgery and here I am just under 2 months away from my surgery.

More pre op pictures

Decided to add some more pre op pics. Hoping that when I go in for my pre op appointment next month that nothing has changed. I've lost about 8lbs since my consultation, I'm now down to 119lbs. 34c (with some room). Can't help but to think that I might should go with 400cc HP. But we'll what PS says December 4th.

Quick update before Thanksgiving

My household is preparing for the Holiday and we are making our yearly trip to Alabama to visit with my husbands family. When we return, my pre op will be that following Friday. I haven't bought anything for post op, wanted to find out what size and profile my PS is going to go with before I go buy any sport bras and see what sizes he thinks I need to buy. I have been relatively calm about my upcoming surgery, the only hiccup I have had so far is I thought my mom would be able to stay with my son the morning I go in for surgery but her work schedule has changed and my son is extremely picky on who he has staying with him... Husband was going to go with me to surgery BUT now husband is staying with our son and taking him school and my aunt (2nd momma) will be taking me to my surgery which is okay, she's my second pick to go with me. I've had some anxiety issues the past month, it runs in my family. It's been worse than its ever been (social anxiety mostly) I'm hoping I can pull myself together before my surgery gets here. Time has definitely flown. And I really need to start getting my post op stuff together.

The countdown

So the countdown begins. I can not believe how fast time has gone by. 2 weeks from today until pre op and 4 weeks until my surgery! I have been feeling a bit more at ease w/my anxiety issues. Hopefully the trip out of the state will help some more. It's always nice to get away for a little bit. Debating whether to tell any of my husbands family or to just keep it a secret until the cat is out of the bag. I only see his mom's side of the family once a year. We will be visiting his dad for Christmas when I'll be just a week post op (they're only a 45 min drive away) they're quite a bit more laid back than his mom's side. So we'll just see.

Back from our Thanksgiving trip

All went well on our trip. Our son had a blast!
Got home and my step father brought up something from the Dr. Oz show talking about how dangerous implants are or something of the sort. As if I'm not a worry wart as it is... But I also don't like Dr Oz SOOO...IDK :-/
My pre op is this Friday. I'm nervous as all hell! Hoping that once it's all said and done that my PS can put my nerves at ease.

A few wish pics

The looks I'm hoping I may be able to get close to.

Natrelle Inspira

Does anyone has the natrelle inspira implants? My PS uses natrelle and I asked about the inspira implants, which they do offer. Was wondering if anyone has them and how they like them? Tomorrow is pre op. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Today is pre op

And my anxiety has kicked in. My boyfriend and sister are coming with me. I don't know why I am so nervous. Ugh. It's frustrating.

Pre op DONE

So I wanted the Natrelle Inspira implants which come in moderate and full profiles. We were going with the 375 moderate profile. I have a pretty good amount of breast tissue so I'm hoping I'll achieve the look I'm going for and possibly end up as a DD.... I hope!

Walmart bras

I really wanted at least one extra post op bra and the danskon zip front bras have been hard to come by in my area. I've been to 4 different walmart and found one in a medium and it perfectly but I just didn't think it would work after I had my surgery. So I found a clamp front bra by fruit of the loom. Feels comfortable and seems like it'll stretch without adding any tightness or discomfort. Plus, it was only $5.

So indecisive about size

At my pre op we decided on 375 but all weekend I've been debating on whether I'm not going big enough. I emailed me coordinator (who is amazing) and she ordered not only the 375's but 405's as well. The morning of surgery my PS and I will make the final decision. So now I'm feeling a lot better!


Reading pillow VS wedge pillow, which is best? I'm a back sleeper so sleeping on my back shouldn't be a problem but I'm just curious which is more comfortable, an actual wedge pillow I can plop my pillows on top of or a reading pillow? I pick up my prescriptions Friday and trying to figure out what else I will need for when I get home the day of surgery. I know I have to wear something easy to put on when I go to surgery, I'm trying to find something zip up rather than button up to make it easier on the nurses. I have smooth move tea for any constipation I may have... Any other suggestions? I plan on buying some snacks to have around. I have to be at the surgery center at 6:30am and my surgery is scheduled for 7:30am. I will be able to take a shower the night of surgery (thank goodness, I sleep better when I've had a night time shower.)

Also, my son had his dental surgery this morning and it went extremely well. I am so proud of him. Seeing him be strong gives me hope that I can take my surgery like a champ.


So I need to vent a little.
My sister is helping me out with getting care credit for me so I can have my surgery. She opened the account during the summer. I had been reminding her that I was going to need either the account number or the card when came pre op day... She was there with me at pre op BUT she didn't have the card nor the account #. She said she would take care of it.... I asked her yesterday afternoon if she had called or emailed the office manager at the PS's office and again she had forgotten. WELL... she finally did it last night but she couldn't find her care credit card and they wouldn't give her the account # over the phone and said they would mail her the card. It will take anywhere from 5-7 business days... My surgery is suppose to happen next Friday.
Her response "Well, you can just postpone it another few weeks or month."
I scheduled this date because my son is out of school for 2 weeks and so is my brother who is going to help me around the house... I also scheduled this 4 months ago! She's known for 4 months that I needed that account # or card came pre op time. So now the surgery is up in the air and I am so upset. BTW, I didn't ask her to help me she had offered. I don't usually like people helping me out but I couldn't get the care credit myself.

Everything is good

Well I'm good to go. Everything went through yesterday afternoon so now it's prep time. Picking up my meds this morning, a wedge pillow, zip up top..

Been having some dreams lately. Nothing scary but they are boob dreams.
The morning of my surgery is suppose to be close to freezing (ew) check it time 6:30, surgery time 7:30. Hoping to keep these nerves in check.

24 hrs to go

Hoping I can keep myself calm. Check in time is at 6:30 am and surgery time is set for 7:30.
I'm wondering if I can take anything to keep myself calm before I get there?
Not sure if I could take 1/2 a valium.
Hoping I don't have to wait around in the waiting room for long.
Ive been feeling great for the most part. Had a minor hiccup yesterday while drive and got stuck in pretty bad traffic and had a small panic attack.
I'm just glad everything is taking place first thing in the morning.

I'm here

Nervous as hell but I'm here.


On my way home.
Got my implant card. Will post pics soon.

1st morning

So far just tight but feeling okay. Keeping up with my meds. Took a short warm shower last night. Thank goodness for my husband, he's been so good for me and our son.
Anyway, here's some pictures. They're pretty swollen.

Day 3

Swelling has seemed to gone down a bit. Not much pain or discomfort. I haven't taken anything but my antibiotic and 1/2 a valium today (for muscle spasms).
My right breast (the one with 415) is pretty bruised at the crease incision but that's about it. I've just been really tired. Hoping to get some energy back soon.

Day 4 (emotions)

I haven't been in much pain aside from my back hurting. I have some not so pretty bruising on my right breast but it doesn't seem extremely swollen and it doesn't hurt.
My emotions have been out of whack. Not sure if it's something that comes along with the package but it's been pretty annoying. Today has been my most emotional day with lots of crying, I guess because I feel pretty useless.

10 days post op quick update

So far I have been feeling pretty good. Was a bit tired Saturday but I'm sure that was from all the excitement from Christmas day. My emotions have been pretty much back to normal. Still get a little blue here and there but the support from my family has been amazing so it helps.
Here's a few pictures from this morning.
I'm happy with the way they're looking already. I'm having a hard time finding a front zip bra but thinking of ordering one from VS since they're having a crazy sale right now.

Sports bra

Went to VS to get one of their front zip sports bra and it was a mad house in there. The girl sized me quickly and said I was a 34c/d so I turned around and left. Went to macys and bought a front zip jockey sports bra (size large) and it's great. Going to try to find an under Armour one as well so I have more than 1.

Boobie blues

So yesterday I was just in a really down mood. I feel as though my breast are shrinking at a rapid rate. I know I still have a lot of healing to do, I am barely 2 weeks post op. I'm just hoping that they don't get smaller. My husband says they're perfect and that if I had gone any bigger I wouldn't look proportionate. I'm hoping he's being truthful and not just telling me what I want to hear. Anyway, hoping the feelings pass and I feel better about my size.

Target sports bra sale

Grabbed some great sports bras for $7 each (reg. $22.99).

Quick update

Not much has really changed. I'm still bruised underneath my breast but I'm happy with how my incisions look so far. My right (left in the pictures) is still riding high but it's slowly dropping.
Hoping all you ladies are healing well and wish luck to the ladies who are about to have surgery.

*happy healing

Tried on a few bras

Went to Marshalls and VS. The lace one is from Marshalls size 36dd, it fit nicely in the cups but the band was too big. The black bra is from VS, 32ddd. It fit but wasn't very comfortable. I was hoping to find something wireless but didn't have any luck.

Almost 5 weeks

Everything has been going great. My right has seemed to drop some and is catching up with my left. No pain or discomfort. Can't wait to be able to wear real bras. Go in for my 6 weeks post op next Friday. Will update again then.


Just one more picture I forgot to upload.

Finally bought real bras

Went to Soma over the weekend. Here's one of the bras I purchased.

Almost 2 months

Thought I'd do a quick update. Everything has been going well. I've started working out without any issues. I still find myself wishing I'd gone a little bigger but then I do a high impact work out and quickly change my tune. As of now I'm finding myself to be a 32ddd/32e in most brands.

Rippling under breast?

So Ive had this unsightly (to me at least) rippling under both breast. Told because I'm thin but it kind of weirds me out and makes me more self conscious.
I'm happy with my overall look (given what I had started out with). I know they aren't perfect and I sometimes wish I had gone with a lift so they sat up higher and maybe a larger implant but there's not much that can be done at this point.

Almost 4 months

Nothing has really changed. Still wish I had gone a little bigger but I think they overall suit my figure and look natural which is what I asked for. I ordered a swim suit from asos so I'm waiting on it to come in and see how it fits. That's the ultimate test, I hated the way I looked in a swimsuit top last year so hopefully I feel better this year.
Will post when I get my swimsuit in the mail.

Swimsuit top from asos

Well I got my top in the mail today and I'm quite disappointed how it fits. I ordered a 32ddd. It seems a bit small for a ddd. They have it labeled a uk 32e or us 32ddd/f. The next size up is a g and they're sold out (of course). A G seems like it would be too large but their sizing seems to be different from other companies.

Not happy

Called and emailed my surgeon's office Friday morning and still haven't heard back from anyone. My left breast is bothering me. My nipple is extremely sensitive, taking a shower and the water just hitting my nipple makes me cringe. If I don't wear a bra both breast hurt and the implants feel like they're going to drop out. And then there's the rippling. It grosses me out how much rippling I have underneath my breasts.
I've seen my surgeon twice. Once for my pre op and the second time just before surgery. I see all these wonderful reviews on how he was there for all these other patients and that wasn't the case for me. It's left me extremely bummed and upset. Summer is upon us and I'm still not confident. I'm scared the rippling will show if I wear a triangle top bikini. ????
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Nothing but great things to say about Dr. Hubbard and his staff. He's extremely down to earth and personable. My recovery has been very easy and I'm loving my results. If you live in the DFW area and are considering breast augmentation you must visit Dr. Hubbard.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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