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Hello ladies! So it's been three weeks since I had...

Hello ladies! So it's been three weeks since I had my BA and even though I didn't post my progress throughout. All of yalls stories have helped me in this journey! So the first couple of days were a lot more than I expected! I scheduled 4 days off work including the day of my surgery and I had to call in on the 5th day! I couldn't manage to sleep in my bed upstairs which I didn't not prepare for! I ended up sleeping in my living room recliner which was awesome! My husband was so sweet and slept next to me on the other couch. At about a week I tried to sleep in my bed but it was still too uncomfortable! When I woke up my back hurt so much! It just felt heavy. No at three weeks I feel so much better! Still dealing with sensitivity though

Few days update

Pictures from a few days post op

Feeling a little depressed

So today's it's 3 weeks and 4 days post op and I just found out my sister might have capsular contracture (she got hers done over a year ago) I pray it's not that! They have her on some type of allergy medicine to see if that will help because they haven't confirmed but it had just got me
All worried! For her and for me! Idk maybe I'm just over reacting but it's just a fear! I'm feeling a lot better although it was kind of hard sleeping right now my left boob started hurting toward the bottom I'm not sure what's up.
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Dr hackney was great he was very informative in my pre op visit I scheduled right away. Just trusted him right away

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