4 Weeks Post Surgery but I Had Lipo As Well

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I am posting for a couple of reasons. I am 57-not...

I am posting for a couple of reasons. I am 57-not sure age had anything to do-but here are my recomendations:

1. I agree, plan on either laying and sleeping on your back for 4 weeks-get a eggcrate mattress and lots of good pillows. For the first 4 days I could not get out of bed by myself-so make sure you have someone to help you. My husband deserves a medal!

2. I am a post gastric bypass patient (7 years post surgery) and I wanted to get rid of excess skin-but I had had 4 other surgeries and I ended up with 5 inches of my incission that did not have adequate blood flow so it did not heal and I had to have wound debridement. Talking about pain! The pain pills made me very sick so make sure you can tollrate them-I had to change to liquid meds for pain. So I now have an open hole almost 5 inches long and and inch deep-so ask your doctor if you are at that risk due to previous surgeries.

3. I have the best doctor in the world but this wound issue is a complication that was unexpected.

4. I bought big old lady panties and glad I did to hold the pads in place and I agree the pants with no zipers is a must for the first 3-4 weeks.

5. What you do not read about lipo is: the holes drain for about a week-SO protect your carpet-put down towels cause when you get up you drain blood and fluids. Be prepared-I wish I had known cause I would have bought some cheap pillows cause I ruined all my good pillows that I was using to prop my legs up when laying in bed cause the drainage got on them. Proping your legs up wiht about 3 pillows was the only way I could sorta sleep-I am not a back sleeper.

I am sure that after a few more weeks I will be glad I did this but daily wound care that I am doing now has me on the fence. The results are awesome though!

Regional Plastic Surgery Center

My doctor was the most caring and has gone overboard to support me. His staff is wonderful. He meet me after hours one night in his offce-where can you find a doctor that would do that???

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