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After a long contemplation (1 year) I decided to...

After a long contemplation (1 year) I decided to do laser liposuction. I went to one doctor first in Dallas but really wasn't happy with what he did to my flanks. I felt more could have been removed....a lot more! I used to say that I would NEVER do THAT in reference to liposuction b/c its an expensive way to remove fat but my desperation I think got the best of me. The more I thought about it the more I realized that liposuction is the only way to permanently remove problem areas (cells)and contour the body to ones liking. I have always carried my weight in my upper body and I have to be a very small weight in order to look "trim" while others that I know with a more hourglass shape can weigh more and look BETTER. Its not fair but as is life so I began looking for doctors and had always had my eye on one in particular who I heard fabulous things about but his fees were higher than another one I was eying....I wish I would have just went with my initial gut instinct b/c I feel like I wasted $1800 on my flanks with the lower priced doctor.

But to my surprise I found out the doc who I originally wanted to go to was running a ridiculously low special and I really got lucky finding out so I went ahead and did 3 areas that have always bothered me: stomach, back rolls, arms. I can't say enough good things about my doctor who did my smartlipo and his staff! The are attentive, friendly, caring, non-judgmental...just awesome! They have experience and they don't treat you like just another case!

Upper BACK AND ARMS: 3.5 liters removed total! I noticed a difference immediately after. It has only been 2 weeks as of today and I am still pretty swollen (they said 2 inches on back and 1 inch on arms) but every day gets better as far as the discomfort. And I haven't been drinking my water like I should so I started buckling down on that.

The pros of lipo are obvious!

Now let me tell you the cons: The procedure itself was only uncomfortable getting numb but with the first doc who I didn't really care much for it was uncomfortable many times during the procedure (slimlipo which I would never do again)I think the smart lipo gets much better results!!! I see bigger results after 1 day with smart lipo vs slim. But anyways back to my story.... this does not feel like you had a hard work out! HAHAHA! It feels like someone slammed you with a baseball bat instead if you want the truth! I took the Tylenol 3 which I'm guessing helped??? ;-) I got over the nausea after 2 days with the codeine. I tried the Vicodin with hydrocodone but it made me itch like crazy after taking in one day so I stopped and the itching subsided. As far as the healing "itch" sucks b/c your swollen and numb but you need to itch it so bad but it hurts to itch it! Also itching your back in this condition is darn near impossible so I used my brush or neck massager/vibrator to Itching set in after only 3 days and hasn't stopped...its on and off but usually passes but I HATE HATE for something to itch!!! Its dry so that contributes and also the garments itch. At times I take it off just to lay there and feel "ok" and not itchy for a little bit.

I leaked for 5 days (slimlipo 2 days) which was nasty...constantly was doing laundry which was a chore since these TIGHT garments make it hard to move around a lot. The garments I have to wear on my arms are the worse! I cant really see a big difference in my arms so right now b/c all the trouble I am having with doing chores or putting/taking off clothes...I'm wondering if I should have done my arms in the first place but I will keep you updated on whether it was worth the trouble. I had to get help changing into LARGER clothes for 10 was still painful to stretch into them and I still cant put on things that do not stretch after 2 weeks!

I took 5 days off from work which were all very necessary. Maybe if you had a desk job you could go back the 3rd day but I have to work with people all day and I move around so me being miserable while working isn't an option! Also being out in the 80 degree whether which is not even hot causes flashes of heat over the areas...not sure what this is? I guess the blood rushing around and its miserable to walk my dogs. I thanked the lord when it was nice outside so I could STAND it! I got the thermostat on 68 in my house and keep it on 69 at work while everyone else freezes b.c of all this crap I have to wear making me hot!

I am still swollen and will need to wear the garments for another week so that will make 3 wks and its probably the worse part about this whole thing! This is pretty bad for me b/c I don't even like my underwear to be tight! I hate tight stuff its so uncomfortable!! UGH! You do realize the muscles used to do even the smallest things though...such as rising out of bed. OMG! 2 weeks have passed and I still have to rock in order to help rise out of bed. Driving is even uncomfortable...cant put your arms out really.

Everyday gets better and I will keep you updated and post pics after swelling settles. I have been doing a lot of hanging out in the house (doing stair stepper) b.c my garments are not conspicuous so I can't wait to get this garment off b.c honestly its been a little depressing. Sorry I just feel like someone needed to tell it like it is. My pain tolerance is probably higher than normal FYI.

Dr. Long

I can't say enough good things about my doctor who did my smartlipo and his staff! The are attentive, friendly, caring, non-judgmental...just awesome! They have experience and they don't treat you like just another case!

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