Smart Lipo on Arms, Inner and Outer Thighs -- Jury Still out

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Had smart lipo last night and am really sore today...

had smart lipo last night and am really sore today. the pain medication they gave me worked like a charm. the proceedure itself was basically pain free. i don't even remember them injecting me with the numbing fluid. i'm not sure if i was sleeping or so out of it i just don't remember anything. however, i do recall at one point towards the end of the proceedure feeling A LOT of pain and as soon as I said something, they gave me some some medication. other than that, it's all a blur. i was still loopy on the way home and slept most of the night. i did wake up around midnight really sore. overall, they ended up taking 3 lbs out.

overall, the place was good. some of the staff has had the proceedure done before so could personally attest to it.

to stay hydrated i have been drinking a lot of water and have to go to the bathroom a lot. that and getting out of bed are the most painful part of this whole experience so far. i think it is harder on me since i got my arms done to so i really don't have any way of getting up without using my arms or legs. i get to take a shower tonight and have no idea how i am going to manage. i am dreading it. so far i have not had any fluid drainage but i have a feeling that once i take off the initial wrap, it's going to flood! on top of that, i have no idea how i am going to get this body compression garment off, shower, put new bandages on and then get this contraption back on!!! any suggestions on how to deal with this by yourself is welcome.

trying to take it easy today since it's been less than 24 hours. once i hit the three week mark, i will have a better idea of it's success.

Dr. Bill Johnson - Innovations Medical Spa

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