I Have Been Small Chested All my Life It's Time for a Change - Dallas, TX

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So let me start spit like most women on here. I'm...

So let me start spit like most women on here. I'm very been looking on this site for s long time. Mostly "window shopping" because I knew I could never do anything like this for myself.

I just moved from Hawaii to Oklahoma. We moved there for two years and hated it. The cost of living is incredible and there's nothing best to ever save any money. Now we are loving with my dad right now because we are jobless. I saved a few thousand dollars that I'm living off of right now. I wanted to put that towards s new car when we moved here, but I've blown through a lot of it just living here for 3 months maths with no job. I can't get a job yet because we want to go on a road trip during the month of September and I've been having some health issues.( I've need constantly lightheaded since March) problem is, I don't have insurance right now to help pay to get checked out. That's a long story!

Back to the boobs!
I've been wearing a 32b but when I see other people say they wear the same size and theirs looks way bigger, I'm confused. I don't know what size I am except microscopic in size. Kids used to make fun of me. My boyfriend is ok with them and doesn't really want me to do it. I've convinced him fake boobs can look alright by showing him sientra implants on here constantly. He's probably sick of me saying " look at these boobs, what do you think?!" Like I'm shopping for some new clothes ! Haha

I'm in the beginning stages because I have no job lol. I wrote s Dallas PS and I may make a consultation since I'll be down in Dallas at the end fonts month. If it's free of course. I know he takes payments. My only question would be when would be the best time to get them? Right after my road trip but before I get a job? ( I'd have no on to help take care of me when I'm in pain due to my boyfriend possibly starting a job) or get a job and hope they let me off for a few weeks at the beginning of next year so I can have more money and an actual income?

Anyone heard of Dr. Love in Oklahoma City?

Getting a hold of doctors?

So I've called and left a message for multiple doctors to get back to me about setting up a consultation or just to Asher some questions and I'm having a hard time getting them to call me back. I've had to call people back multiple times. A few have called back. Is this happening to anyone else?

Two doctors called me back. One from Dallas is $5,000 total. And on from Oklahoma City is having a sale where if I pay cash or check its only $4,500. That's a pretty good deal. But I need to schedule a consultation first. So I hope the consultation is free. I'm jobless but I do have some money in my savings account if I need to use it

The only reason I haven't gotten a job yet is because we are going on a month long road trip next month and I doubt a job would let me off for it. Plus if I decide to get boobs, I could do it before I get a job so I can heal before working.

Oh decisions decisions!
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