Abdomen Lipo, 33 Years of Age No Kids - Dallas, TX

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It's almost time I'm excited not nervous about the...

It's almost time I'm excited not nervous about the procedure more so if it's going to make a big difference in my appearance or If I'm waisting my time & money I have learned a lot from this site reading everyone reviews so I will definitely share my experience and results I hope my recovery process goes smoothly too

Love this dress

I ordered this dress 4 months ago I refuse to wear it out in public .....I can't wait to wear it when my stomach is done and if I have great results I want to get my thighs done & BBL done next

Tomorrow the big day

Today's the big day


All done , still can't see results yet

The procedure wasn't that bad as I expected local anesthesia very little & durable pain but the hard bed hurt me more than anything
I'm still here waiting on my cousin to get done , I got on my garment ready for it to mold my results to a perfect figure

We made it home

1 day after surgery

Day 3

The local anesthesia wasn't that bad I didn't feel much at all I was sleep off and on ...My family was next door in the recovery room when they went to the bathroom they said they heard me carrying on a long conversation but of course I don't remember saying much. Lol

3 days later these compression garment are very much needed so you won't be swollen and your stomach can go down evenly and faster I changed out my gauze with help but I think I'm pretty much finished bleeding it's very very hard staying in it all day comfortably a continuous nightmare I will be glad when I past this stage so I can really see my body . I feel like it's so tight I can barely get air, lay, sit and sleep I'm on a diet I'm eating lightly I get gas easily took stool softener to get a bowel movement. My cousin and I experienced this together so we will have a lot to joke about once this is over . We walk a mile a day & drinking plenty of water
Dr Long

My consultation was with the practitioner I wish I could of seen the doctor but I'm not going to meet him until the day of my procudure

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