Ematrix on Forehead Wrinkles...Waiting to See Results - Dallas, TX

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I'm self conscious about my wrinkles on my...

I'm self conscious about my wrinkles on my forehead that most likely came from tanning for 7 years. I'm only 24 so it would be a little early for them to be signs of aging. I bought a Groupon for $149 which included 2 treatments. (I actually lucked out and got upgraded to ematrix as a better alternative than the Groupon treatment I originally purchased. I don't want to mention the name of the spa in case they see this and the girl who hooked me up gets reprimanded for upgrading me.)

I received my first ematrix treatment on January 26, 2011 and it was not painful at all. It was actually kind of relaxing. She did a few "passes" which seem to consist of several little laser shots. Not sure exactly how many. It took about 20 minutes and when she was done my forehead was numb and only a little pink. I went straight to work. One month later I had my second treatment done and this time she did under my eyes for free just as a preventative treatment to keep the wrinkles from forming early on.

It's now March 29th, two months later, and I don't see results. However, I'm going to give it another month because she said I wouldn't see noticeable results for about three months. I would think I would notice some sort of change but I don't see any difference. She basically said I'd wake up and all of the sudden my wrinkles would be gone. Obviously, she's not being literal but I got the gist of what she was saying. I'll update in another month or so. I'd really like to know if anyone had a similar treatment for wrinkles instead of acne scars and if they have seen results. I hate waiting! :)

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