Dark Reddish Purple Stripes After IPL Fotofacial - Dallas, TX

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Help, I had an IPL Friday in a dermatologist's...

Help, I had an IPL Friday in a dermatologist's office with years of experience. I have type II skin. I now have stripes on my cheek on one side and red/purple under my chin. I saw the Dr today, and was told that I had burns which is very unusual with this IPL and a blonde haired green eyed lady with minimal discomfort during the procedure. I was given Biafine, Protopic, Aquafor, and told to stay out of the sun and wear lots of sunscreen. I am petrified that this will last a long time or be permanent.

The office was clean and very busineslike. I was treated by the physcian personally. Minimal discomfort during the procedure. No complaints at all.

What happened? Of interest, my sister worked for a doctor who gave her an IPL and she has permanent scarring of her check. She is much darker complected than I am, so we thought I would be safe. Any other suggestions? What can I do to get rid of these ugly strips on my cheek?

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