Much More Painful Than I Anticipated - Dallas, TX

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I'm a 52-year-old, tall and slender except for...

I'm a 52-year-old, tall and slender except for tummy and love handles. I had both areas cool-sculpted seven days ago.

The procedure itself was uncomfortable, but not painful. (However, when they originally put the tummy clamp on, it was very painful around my navel. They had to take it off and reapply it in a slightly different spot.) Afterwards, no problems on the love handle spots, except for bruising that has almost gone away totally. Tummy is a different matter. The first two days, very tender to the touch, but if nothing was touching me, I didn't feel pain otherwise.

After two days, though, the tenderness to touch went away, and it was replaced by almost constant pain - very prickly, pinpoint bursts of pain around the navel and generating outwards. This is how I would expect a hernia to feel. I am praying that it subsides, but it's very worrisome. Aleve takes the edge off, but doesn't control it totally. Should I see a doctor? Has anyone else experienced this?

I don't know if I'll see results, and I may feel differently if/when I do, but at this point, no, definitely not worth the pain. And if I've injured my stomach somehow, this was a very bad mistake.

I'm happy to say that my pain went away one day...

I'm happy to say that my pain went away one day shy of two weeks, just as many people said it would. I was on pain medication for days 7 and 8, which helped (stopped due to nausea caused by the pain meds). I would suggest going straight to pain meds if Advil and Aleve don't work - this kind of pain wears you down. I'll post again if/when I start seeing results in another month or so (I hope), but I guess my main concern is that I wasn't informed ahead of time that there could be a significant amount of pain. Shame on me for not researching it better before I signed up.
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