Breast Augmentation in 2000 - Dallas

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In August of 2000 I had a Breast Augmentation. I...

In August of 2000 I had a Breast Augmentation. I was 30 years old and had 2 children. I was a size A (if that) and wanted to balance out my body. My hips had grown from the pregnancies and who doesn't want that hour glass figure.

I was researching Drs and came across my Dr. I liked everything I read on his website so I went in for a consultation. He was very friendly and answered all my questions. I scheduled the surgery and was very excited. I choose to go with a full C and he was going to place the implants under the muscle. He makes the incision under the underarm so I would not have any scars on my breast.

Before I knew it surgery day was there. I can remember waking up and feeling like an elephant was sitting on chest. I had an ace bandage wrapped very tight around my chest. I staying in his surgery center overnight and that was a lifesaver. I followed his instructions 100% and to this day you can not tell they are implants. I choose the tear drop design.

The exercises are the most important thing to follow through with. This will ensure they are not up high on your chest. I can remember passing our from the pain of the exercise on multiple occasions. It is important to have a partner to do these for you no matter what excuse you come up to get out of doing them.

I am completely satisfited with my breast. My daughter who is now 22 is going in on October 11 for the same thing.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. is very professional and his results speak for themselves.

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