39yrs Old with 2 Kids and over my Belly

So after several years of thinking how much I...

So after several years of thinking how much I would love to stop sucking in my stomach, I finally decided to do something about it.

I have had 2 consultations, 1st with Mya two years ago and was quoted around £5000.

And 2nd about a month ago either The Private Clinic, London Harley street, £5800.

I was going to go with the private clinic. But while researching I came across people going abroad for surgery and how much cheaper it would be.

So after reading several reviews and stories I have decided on Czech - Iscare Clinic in Prague.

I have the procedure booked for the 16/6/2017. I am really nervous about it. I have only told my sisters and mum and a couple of friends.

It's not that I want to hide it from anyone, I'm just over hearing questions about going abroad/risks.

Anyway I have been adv to arrive at 7.30am and pre op and Vaser surgery all on same day.

So I'll be having upper and lower abdomen done and flanks.

I'm happy with my overall size, just so over my waist

Hopefully all goes well.

I'll keep you updated 

Dr Štefan Krivosudský

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