BA & Periareolar Uplift - Bottoming Out, Double Bubble or Nothing to Worry About?

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Hi,I am 4 days post op, ba and periareolar uplift....


I am 4 days post op, ba and periareolar uplift. I had 400c cohesive, textured round implants placed partially under the muscle.

I'm incredibly disapointed as I left the sizing down to my surgeon explaining I would like to go up by about 2 cup sizes, and based on how they look right now feel they are too big for my frame.

pros:firm, pert breasts, smaller areolars

cons:cost,discomfort,pain I wanted to regain more youthful looking breasts. After having three children my breast shrunk my areolars got huge and I wouldn't let my husband see or feel them.

Whilst I know it is still very early days, based...

Whilst I know it is still very early days, based on my pics what is going on? Is it bottoming out, double bubble or something else? I have emailed my surgeon with the pics to ask him what is wrong. Thanks for your help. -- Updated on Jan 26, 2010: It has now been 7 days since my op and I'm pleased to say they are settling quite nicely. So I take back my incredibly disapointed stance. I contacted my surgeon who explained that swelling can take a while to go down and that I should allow another 3 weeks, and then get back to him.
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