35 Year Old Mum of 3 in Need of Repair - Cyprus

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Reading other peoples reviews has helped me to...

Reading other peoples reviews has helped me to feel a bit more prepared for my surgery, although I would be lying if I said I wasn't terrified! I have 2 weeks until 'D' day and I can't even think about it without my stomach turning.
I am 35 and have had a twin and single pregnancy and together it has ruined my body. I can't wait for the end result and to like the skin I am in again.

Aah paid in full!

Just transferred the full amount for the surgery, no going back now.
My only preparation so far has been to completely block the whole thing from my mind!!
Any advice on something a little more constructive I should be doing?

Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow is 'D' day for me. I have been trying to block it from my mind and keep busy with work and family. I think the reality is staring to hit.!!!

The road to recovery.

Well I made it through the surgery, the pain was quite intense at first. Especially from the tight binding around my breasts, has anyone else had this?
I am home now and feeling like a terrible mum as I can't do anything for the children. I would like to fast forward a week or so.

Aargh the swelling!!

Yesterday I had my drain and staples removed from the tummy tuck and my breast binding exchanged for a support bra. I have woken up this morning very swollen.
I am guessing staying mobile and drinking plenty are the keys to reducing this. Any other tips please?

Swollen boobs

Looking good so far but still swollen with no sensation at all in my nipples.
Dr George David

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