BBL #2 Almost 1 1/2 Year Post. Final Review - Culver City, CA

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Where do I start... Well this is my 2nd BBL. First...

Where do I start... Well this is my 2nd BBL. First BBL was done exactly 2 yrs ago. You can look at my first BBL review on my profile.

I had my 2nd BBL ((Revision)) done this past July 17, 2014 by Dr.Kenneth Hughes in Culver City, Ca. at Boris Cosmetic Center.
I will start this review, my personal experience, writing about the cons...

1. Adam, the office manager is extremely pushy when it comes to the money. I understand that's his job but there's ways to do your job without making patients feel rushed.
I went in 3 weeks before my surgery to get qualified for the credit card they work with as that would be my form of payment. I got approved, signed paperwork and set a date for my surgery. I had my surgery, left to my sister's house for 2 days, come back home and find in my mail a letter from the credit card company I used to pay for the surgery stating my payment was due the following week. I was like "WTF!?... Really!??". What if I hadn't gone through with my procedure and Adam had already charged my credit card! That to me was very unprofessional.
2. I met with Dr.Hughes about 4 times before setting a date for my surgery. EVERY SINGLE TIME I saw him I addressed my concerns and was very specific about areas of my body I wanted him to concentrate in. I told him my upper abdomen was a big problem area for me and that my previous surgeon said the upper abdomen doesn't get liposuctioned. I told Dr.Hughes if this was true, he said my previous surgeon was wrong and that he could lipo that area, that I didn't have to worry about that. He told me the first time I saw him that my right butt cheek was noticeably smaller and had a dent. That was something I already knew and something I was very concerned/embarrassed about. He said he would take care of that, that I didn't have to worry. A few days after my surgery I notice my upper abdomen looks the same, I can hold the fat rolls as I did before my surgery and I didn't have that sensation you have in your skin after liposuction ((people who've had liposuction know what I'm talking about)). Another thing I noticed is my right butt cheek is still smaller and the dent is still there! Before surgery most doctors ((if not all)) mark your body so that they can remember what kind of work your body needs as every patient is different. Not Dr.Hughes! He doesn't do the markings before surgery. I'm guessing he feels very confident about his knowledge, which I totally get, he is very knowledgeable but in my opinion marking your patients body is essential. I'm thinking this is the reason why he must have forgotten to lipo my upper abdomen and why he forgot to put more fat in my right cheek and focus a little bit more on the dented area.
I'm not gonna say Dr.Hughes is a bad doctor because he is not. I just feel neglected in a way. The main reason I decided to get a 2nd BBL was because of how noticeably my right cheek was, the dent and how my upper abdomen was a problem area when trying to lose weight. To me personally, honesty is everything. If you can't give me that then you can't give me anything. I feel I was lied to. I feel betrayed. Dr.Hughes said, more than once, that he would take care of my concerns but didn't.
You can see in these pictures how big my upper abdomen looks, how nasty my lower abdomen looks with the huge scar tissue that is about 2" wide X 5" long and that area under my belly button that looks like they just scooped out the fat from there. This is something I've never seen before. Someone's stomach looking so deformed!! I feel so embarrassed when my husband sees me that I don't even want to get dressed/undressed in front of him :(
Dr.Hughes mentioned to me before my surgery that I would need to have a tummy tuck after because I would end up with loose skin since I've had 3 pregnancies. Luckily I have no loose skin but with my stomach looking the way it does, there's no way I can stay like this. My stomach is simply horrible!!
3. I am now 7 weeks post op and have had 2 post op appointments. Neither of those 2 times have I seen Dr.Hughes. My previous surgeon would see me every time I went to his office after my surgery. But it seems like Dr.Hughes is too busy always to check his post op patients himself. I never asked to see him because I don't think it's my job to see him but his to see his patients. Regardless of how busy you are.

I think this is all I have to write for now... No other bad experience I can think of. I will continue with my review as soon as I can and will be writing about the pros.
Good night BBL sisters!

Focusing on my Butt only!

Just a very quick update because I feel it is needed. Won't be too long, I mainly wanted to upload pictures. The only thing I want to make clear is that 1. I've NEVER said Dr.Hughes is a bad doctor. Maybe I'm just being too impatient and don't like waiting for the swelling to completely go down. 2. Dr.Hughes is AMAZING when it comes to BBL's. Focusing just on my butt, I can honestly say he gave me exactly what I wanted! This is what I was hoping on achieving on my first BBL. Dr. Hughes gave me 1000cc's per buttock and 200-300cc's ((I cannot remember exactly how much he said)) on hips. My waist before Dr.Hughes was 32" and butt/hips was 41". My waist after Dr.Hughes is 29 1/2" and butt/hips is 44". You can clearly see in my pictures how my body changed. Both my husband and I are in love with my new body ((minus my stomach lol)) and it's all thanks to Dr.Hughes.
I will continue this review ASAP with more details.
GN BBL sisters...

BBL #2- 6 months post op... I'll let you be the judge about my results

Just wanted to upload current pics taken 02/02/15. 6 months post op. I have completely healed and I must say that for now I'm happy with the work Dr.Hughes did. I am still not 100% happy with my butt/hips as I still see them asymmetrical. I still feel the right buttock smaller. My hips have gone down so much also. I guess in the near future I'll be going to Dr.Duran as I feel she knows exactly what woman want being that she's a woman as well.

1 1/2 Year Post. Final Decision made "NOT WORTH IT"

Quick update... Just wanted to write this update for my BBL sisters since I find this site to be very informative and helpful. So I have to say that although a bit of an improvement was made with this 2nd surgery, it was really not worth all that money and time. I went in with the idea that Dr Hughes would really take the time to focus on my concerns which were the top part of the cheeks being flat, the uneveness, and the dents. Instead I ended up with a slightly bigger butt but with the same initial problems. Based on other reviews and pictures it seems like Dr Hughes has this ONE METHOD of performing a BBL... ONE IDEA of how and where to inject fat... ONE SHAPE of how a nicely butt should look... Like a ONE SIZE FITS ALL kind of thing plus he still has not the slightest idea as to how to give wider hips. The one thing that upsets me is that he will confidently say he's able to achieve exactly what you're hoping for then fails to deliver. I altered some pics to show what I am hoping I'll achieve with a 3rd BBL and TT because of course after 3 kids my stomach is full of stretch marks and loose skin. I'm already looking into it and will sometime soon have those procedures done by Dr Daniel Del Vecchio in New York. Been following Dr Del Vecchio and some of his patients here on Realself as well as on Intagram and all I can say is WOW!! He is truly skilled and amazing.

Pictures so you have an idea what I'm talking about...

My stomach. Yes, I know it's disgusting.

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