Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr Hughes - Culver City, CA

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After an extensive research and multiple...

After an extensive research and multiple consultations i decided to take a trip from Utah to Culver City to have an in person consultation with Dr. Hughes. The wait wasnt long at all (maybe 10 mins). Dr. Hughes is very confident in his skills and keeps it real as far as your results which is refreshing. I am going to have a lipo all over my back, love handles, lower and upper abs and have the fat transfered to my butt and hips. I am 30 and 135 pounds. I work out regularly but cant seem to get rid of love handles. My consultation with Dr. Hughes lasted about 10 minutes and then I was off to Adam's office to talk about pricing.
Adam is very sweet. He gave me my quote ($10800) I like that they include the procedure, blood work, binders all in one bundle price. I reserved my surgery date for April 27 and put down $500 deposit.
Adam sent me a link to pre and post op instructions
After I was done with Adam, I got to meet famous Olga. She did my blood work and gave me prescriptions that I need to bring with me.
I Also stopped by Boris spa and picked up some Arnica. They recommend that you take it a week before the surgery and 3 days after.

I am not reseraching hotels in the area. I would like to get a hotel with a kitchen so I dont have to go out and eat. There is only one hotel with kitchen that i found near by. Extended stay America in Culver City. I will probably go with this one. If you know of any other good hotels please let me know.

My surgery is 1 month from today...eek im excited. I will keep you guys updated and post some pics :)

Pre op pics

Pre bbl pics . 30 yrs old 135 pounds

10 days until my surgery

I am getting excited but nervous at the same time. Following 2 girls journeys that had their BBLs done last week and sounds like it's not an easy recovery. Trying to get all my post surgery care items ready. Here is the list. Let me know if I've missed anything:
1. meds prescribed by Dr. Hughes
2. Arnica pills and gel
3. Multi vitamins, vitamin c and iron supplement
4. Anti bacterial soap
5. Wet wipes
6. Q tips
7. Stage 2 Faja garment
8. Protein shakes
9. Pillow for under my thighs to fly home
10. Maxi dresses, sweat pants
11. Straws
I'm planning to stay in LA for a week. I hope that's enough time.

Almost there...

So yesterday I got a call from Debbie at Boris Cosmetics confirming my surgery time on Monday. She was very sweet and professional. She answered all my questions and put my mind at ease.
My surgery is on Monday at 7 am. I have to be there at 6:30 am. I did my pre ops last month when I flew down to meet with dr. Hughes for the first time. She said all my results look good and I am ready to go. Yay!
Flying to LAX from Utah today and meeting my mom there. We rented a cute apt in Venice for a week so I'm excited :) I guess my next update will be on Monday after my surgery :)

Today is the day

Well girls. Wish me luck. I'm taking Uber to Boris in a minute. Will talk to you in s few hours. Here are some juice pre ops pics lol

Made it!

Hi guys! I just got out of surgery so I wanted to give ya'll a little update.
My surgery was scheduled for 7 am. I took Uber from my little apartment in Venice to Boris cosmetics and got there around 6:45. They told me to come in thru the back door.

One of the nurses gave me a paper cup to pee in for pregnancy test. After that she took me to one of the rooms, had me change and took my pictures.
I was waiting in the room for about 30 minutes. Then anastasiologist came in and explained his part. As soon as he left dr. Hughes came in. I showed him a few more wish pics and went over the areas I want lipoed. He is super sweet. He still remembered what we talked about when I came to see him for my initial consultatuon a month ago so I was impressed.
A few minutes later a nurse took me to the surgery room. They put cold solution all over me and had me lay on my back. Anastasiologist came in and knocked me out lol
My surgery lasted about 2 hours. I woke up in a waiting room with Dr. Hughes talking to me. I think he said he took out 5 liters and injected 1200 ccs in each cheek. I have to ask him again to confirm lol I was still out of it.
I hired a nurse named Michelle. She was waiting for me as soon as I got out and had her back seat ready for me to lay down. I walked to her car and didn't feel any pain while working .
My mom was waiting for me at home. She is taking care of me for the rest of the week. I haven't taked any pain meds yet as I'm not really in pain. Just a little sore. Maybe it gets worse later. Feels like I did an intense work out. The worse part is getting in and out of bed to pee. I stand up and hold a red cup between my legs. It's perfect that way.
I see a lot of projection in my booty even with the binder. I can't wait to take it off to see it. They said I can shower tomorrow but I think I will wait till wed when I go back to seee Dr. Hughes again.
Thank you everyone for all your support. Let me know if you have any questions :)

Pre op post op pics

Both taken today. One in the morning before surgery. Second 7 hours after sugery

Today is the real day 1

Hi guys! The night was pretty painful. I took my first pain pill to make me sleep. I couldn't find a comfortable position until about 5 am. Today consists of walking around the room, eating smoothies, bananas and almond butter, peeing a lot (yesterday I peed about 6 liters of liquid). Dr. Hughes told me to just walk around the room today and not go outside yet. I'm going to take a shower tomorrow before I see Dr. Hughes for my first check up. I took the binder off last night and let me tell you I was in shock after seeing what Dr. Hughes did to my body. My waist is tiny, no flanks, flat tummy. I even cried a little lol (tears of joy). He sounded so conservative when he talked to me but he def ocerdelivered. Never in the world was I expecting this kinda results on Day 1 considering all the swelling and bruising. He is truly amazing and I am glad I let him work on me :)

Day 2

Day 2

Day 3

Today is much easier than yesterday. Getting in and out of bed is less painful. I took my first shower and had my first BM today. I also replaced my dressings with a tank top since I wasn't bleeding anymore.
My mom helped me rub arnica gel all over my body after my shower.
I had my first post op apt with Olga today. I didn't have any fluid to drain. She said I most likely will be able to switch to stage 2 garment on Friday. I hope so. I really don't want to bring my binder home on my Sunday flight. She also removed stitches and tapes off of my incisions.
I asked if I could go on a long walk but she said I need to wait a couple more weeks. I went on a 15 min walk anyway lol
She also said I can start massaging my butt but can't have a full body massage for another 3 weeks. She tightened my binder for me to the point where I can barely breath so I'm laying here in pain.
Overal things are good and recovery is coming along nicely :)

Day 4

Day 4 is a lot like day 3 only a little easier. I walked a mile today on the beach and ate some solid food for the first time.
My bruises are still pretty bad but swelling has gone down a lot. Tomorrow is my next apt with Olga. We will see if she lets me switch to Faja and ditch the binder :)

Day 5

Today I was able to take a shower all by muself so its a huge progress for me. I havent tried sitting down yet. The binder gets on the way since Olga put it super low last time.
My follow up appt is today at noon. My upper abs have a small lump that I need to ask Olga about. I'm sure she is just going to tell me to massage it. I'm bringing my stage 2 Faja with me to see if I'm ready for it yet. I'm planning to fly back to Urah on Sunday and it would be great if I could fly in Faja instead of the binder. I think I will stay a couple extra days if she thinks I still need to wear the binder.
My swelling and bruising has gone down a lot. I've been taking Arnica pills and putting Arnica gel all over my body. This might be helping but who knows. Here is a pic of Day 2 vs Day 5 :)

Home sweet home!

Hello lovely ladies. Today is exactly one week post op for me. I flew home yesterday (day 6). My flight was only an hour long so it helped. I asked the flight attendant if I could stand when the seat belt sign wasn't on and it wasn't a problem. I sat for total of 30 mins. I was still pretty freaked out to damage my booty but I managed. I wore my stage 2 garment and a binder over it. I love the new Faja. It gives me almost a full body coverage and nice compression. It goes all the way to my knees and and covers all of my back. Much better than the shorts they gave ne at Boris. They weren't long enough, cut into my skin, didn't cover all of my back (area where I also had lipo). Dr. Hughes said that even tho I dint have fluid it world be safe to wear the binder for 4-6 weeks. I'm in no rush so I'm planning to that. I still have minimal bruising and swelling and I'm still taking Arnica, vitamin C, Iron and antibiotics. Good luck to all the ladies who are having surgeries this week. This is still the best decision I've ever made. Kisses! Ps. Here I the new Faja I got on Ebay :)

Day 9

I haven't posted anything for a few days. I'm just slowly recovering. Walking around the house and wearing a binder over my stage 2 garment.
I have to tell yall a funny story. Last night I took a quick trip to Target. I wore black leggins and a very tight tshirt. There were 2 guys in an isle next to me and I could hear one say to another: " Damn look at that a$$" lol this made me so happy.
I love having a waist and no flanks. I could never wear tight shirts before

Booty dress up

My favorite part of my healing prosses is trying on new outfits and dressing up my booty. Today I'm on day 12 and I love my projection in this dress

So I had a video vixen moment today...

The swelling is real :(

Today I'm exactly 3 weeks post op. I woke up this morning with extreme swelling on my abs and sides. I've heard most patients experience swelling on week 3 but this is a lot ( more than I've had so far). I've been wearing my FAja with a binder over it religiously. Did any of you ladies experience bad swelling on week 3? Any solutions?

Week 4 post op

Today is my week 4 anniversary. I cannot be more excited. Only 2 weeks of home arrest left lol. My bruising is all gone. I still have some swelling but not much. My booty is about 30-40% smaller than on day 1 post op but that's enough for me. It has a nice round shape.
Dr. Hughes said I can start wearing butt out stage 2 garment without the binder. I still wear the binder at home and at night but just the garment when I go out.
I decided to go get mani and pedi to celebrate my 4 week anniversary. This is going to be the first time I sit for longer than 15 mins. I'm kinda nervous about it.
One of my concerns are incision scars. They are super tiny but still dark and visible on my skin. Anyone knows what to do to make them dissappear?

4 weeks and 2 days

I wanted to do side by side comparison pics to show you guys a difference. First pic is couple days pre op and second pic 4 weeks post BBL


2.5 months post BBL

Hi! I just wanted to give you guys a 2.5 months review since I haven't been on the site for a while.
I am back to my normal lifestyle. I exercise every day and try to eat as healthy as possible. All my swellung and numbness are gone. My butt is soft and my stomach is getting flatter and flatter every day. I used to have some lumps on my stomach but those have gone away now.
I do lymphatic massage once a week and still wear the binder at night (this is by choice, I think I have gotten used to it lol).
Still haven't made it out to see Dr. Hughes again. I don't think I need to since I don't have any issues.
My booty went down in size about 30% but it stopped shrinking around week 4. I still have plenty of ass and I'm absolutely happy.
I am so thankful to Dr. Hugh's for the body I've always wanted. I get compliments everywhere I go. He is a BBL God for real lol

2.5 months post BBL

4 months update

Hi guys! I haven't been on here for a while so I wanted to give you a quick update.

Next week will be 4 months since I had my BBL and let me tell you I LOVE my results.
My booty is still the same As it was 2 months ago. I haven't seen any changes. It's still very perky and has good projection. My waist is small. I still wear my Faja to bed just because I am used to it I guess :)
Has anyone recently had a BBL with dr. Hughes?

11 month post op

Hi guys! I haven't logged in on couple months but today I decided to give you a quick review. Next month will be a year since my BBL and let me tell you I still love my results. I don't think my booty went down in size at all. Of course I've been doing lots of daily squats and that's def helping. I've also been sleeping in my faja every night just cuz I've gotten used to it. Here is a pic my trainer took of me today.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I found out about Dr. Hughes on Real Self and traveled from Utah to meet with him to discuss my BBL procedure. Dr. Hughes is very confident in his abilities and will tell you exactly what he can and can't do. He put my mind at ease and I scheduled my procedure with him in April. Today is Day 4 post op for me and I couldn't not be happier. I teared up when I took my binder off for the first time because Dr. Hughes gave me exactly what I had in mind. He is amazing and very talented. He def over delivers. Anyone who decides to go with Dr. Hughes is in good hands. Feel free to contract me with any questions. I am forever in debt to this man for changing my body!

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