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I'm finally ready to begin making this review! ...

I'm finally ready to begin making this review! It's been a long journey so far~ I'll have to catch up in pieces.
First the stats:
Mid 30s
5'11" tall
165 lbs, thin frame but fairly muscular
3 children
Had a TT 11 years ago

I began researching this procedure 2 years ago. I spent the last 6 months researching Dr's and I decided to go with Dr Hughes based on his reviews, photos of his work and the clear results he gets, his training/education, experience and excellent communication. The price seemed a bit steep considering I could have the procedure done nearby, without having to fly to LA, for about half the price... *BUT* could get the results I wanted(???) I didn't think so... I had several consultations with nearby surgeons, ones with excellent records and experience too! They all said the same thing... "You're too thin. You've already had a tummy tuck so there's even less to work with. I don't think you'll be able to see a difference" and that they wouldn't be able to liposuction more than one liter TOTAL, yielding maybe 200ccs of fat to graft. And they all kindly told me to be happy that I have a nice figure already... Lol
Dr Hughes without hesitation told me "I can give you a very nice result". His confidence was very reassuring and seeing the work he's done on women WAY thinner than I am was proof~ so I booked the consultation and the surgery date for one month later.
In the meantime Dr. H told me to try & gain ten pounds, which is actually harder than it sounds! But I had a good time trying haha! I gained somewhere between 3-5 lbs in the end.
My husband and I flew down and at the consultation both of our impressions of Dr Hughes is that he is extremely intelligent and skilled, he is honest, confident and very kind. I asked him how much he thought he would be able to get out of me, as I was grabbing and pinching at the fat on my belly, and he chuckled in response saying "well, I don't know. I'll take everything you've got but look, you're pinching fat THIS far apart" lol but he also told us that I would have a nice result, he would make sure of it.

I'm currently 6 days post op, and he did an outstanding job. I simply cannot believe the transformation. I will upload post op pictures very soon. Right now I'm going to upload a few pre-op photos... I'm tall and box shaped, never even a hint of an hourglass figure (there's barely 5 inches difference between my waist and hips/bust) I couldn't believe what I saw the first time my bandages came off....

Day of Surgery to day 3

The morning of the procedure went fairly as expected. We arrived early and I met with the Dr. one last time~ I also met the anesthesiologist, Dr. May, was very sweet and an interesting man, dressed all in black and has a golden stingray on a gold chain he wears in memory of Steve Irwin. Last thing I remember before falling asleep was him putting on purple rain by prince lol~
I woke up extremely disoriented. Could barely move... And it's not that I was in that much pain, I felt like I literally couldn't move (just the anesthesia wearing off) and I was nauseous.. But I do remember Dr Hughes coming to check on me (what he said I cannot remember lol) and I remember the nurses being oh sooooo sweet and comforting.

My husband said he ran into Dr H just as he was coming out of my surgery room before I woke up, and that he had a huge smile on his face and said "dude- I got it!! I got 1300!!" My hubbie, having no idea what he actually meant by that said he smiled back and said "great!!" And figured it was a good thing HAHA!! But he really liked seeing how positive he was just coming out of the OR. I was under for a long time.. Dr H was very meticulous. 1300?!?! Where did he even get that from?? Magic man.

I was nauseous for the rest of the day and overnight... Until I realized it was the antibiotics (apparently I can't tolerate keflex) I emailed Dr H and within an hour he called the pharmacy for anther Rx.

At the hotel I stared suspiciously at the Go Girl female urinal for a few minutes, not sure I was really going to use it, but it turned out to be a fabulous aid. Not being able to sit down or even BEND down.. It's a little odd but I definitely recommend it. LOTS of pillows helped with laying on my stomach. I would go back and forth between putting a pile of pillows underneath me and taking them all away just for a change. First 3 days mostly about painkillers and sleep! Don't try to do a BBL on your own, make sure to have someone with you!

The binding and wrapping didn't come off until the day 2.. I literally looked like a pregnant Duck it was funny, with all of the foam and the piddle pads and binder- Waddling around quacking. But when I did take it off on day 2 I was absolutely shocked! My husband and I both stood there with our mouths open, I can't believe the transformation. I'm swollen... Very swollen.. But the shape is unbelievable!! Everything is round where it is supposed to be round and flat where it should be flat! I have hips! And a booty! And a waist!! And my stomach is flat as a board!!! Wow!

Photo updates Day 5 through 1 week

I just made it to one week today! YAY!
The bruising and swelling is going down a little day by day... I'm taking it easy, staying hydrated, eating whole foods, taking arnica, etc.
Hardest part is being stuck on my stomach all the time... But I am determined not to compromise the results ~~~

*~*~*OOF*~*~* halfway through day 7 and I feel like a whale!

Seriously it feels like I'm pregnant. Anyone know when swelling peaks?? Is it today?? Very uncomfortable..
Olga is so sweet, she called me today to give me some instructions on massaging, etc. She says I can sleep without the binder in one week from today *woohoo!!* but I also need to purchase a compression garment. Darn! I wish I had been taking notes on what everyone's favorite was...

Day 8

These bruises on my legs are insane! I didn't even get any lipo there, it's just the bruising working it's way down my body I guess.
Look at the sweet headrest my hubbie made me! He took a massage table cushion and attached it to two pieces of 2x4 covered in fabric so that I can sleep face down on the bed ????


I know it's bound to happen... Up & down. Kinda lonely today. My sweet husband has been taking care of me finally got too stressed and completely crashed today and I suppose it's been coming for a few days. He's absolutely not available to help me at all and I'm not going to ask until he feels better. Very few people know I did this so I don't really have anyone to reach out to~ but it's ok... Everything is good!! Just a rough patch, this is not an easy recovery but I know it will be worth it!!

Day 9 doing great!!

I totally feel like I'm over the hump today, it's great!! Hubbie is feeling soooo much better too, I know it's not easy being a caretaker. I'm still swollen and everything looks pretty much the same so I probably won't update pics for another week~ but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the results so far and sooooooo glad to have done this!! :-)
Everyone have a great Sunday! :)

*~*Compression Garments & Fajas *~*

So WOW! There are a lot of choices!
I can't seem to find the same compression garment that they sell at the Dr's office so
I just ordered several others~ hoping ~ that I can return a couple of them and keep what I like best ;)
I decided to try the Squeem Perfect Waist, the Anna Chery Luna style, the MariaE with a zipper and the MariaE with hooks...
Here's some pics. If anyone has any other suggestions I am happy for advice :)

2 Weeks ~ Post Op Pictures + measurements

I just hit 2 weeks today!! Awesome!!! Wow it's been a long 2 weeks~ I'm really loving the results! The pics don't hold a candle to real life, plus I was having a hard time taking them today for some reason, couldn't seem to get a shot with good lighting or non-blurry~ I'll have hubbie take some this weekend ;)

Measurements are:
That's a huge change from before surgery~ I can't remember exactly what they were, but there was literally hardly any difference between my waist and hips and now even with the swelling there's 10 inch difference woohoo! My waist is technically larger now than pre-op because of swelling (I'm pretty sure my waist was between 29-30) so after all of the swelling goes away I'm hoping to have it go down to at least 27 (I hope!!) I'm very tall so that would still be small for my frame. My measurements around the booty haven't changed one single bit since one week post, surprisingly! No shrinking yet! But I am still seeing some definite changes... Things are softening up and starting to change shape a bit, not looking as puffy as before. Theres a small dent in my left cheek that wasn't there before~ I'm hoping it's just a temporary thing that will go away as things settle (can you see it in the pics?) yikes! But it's minuscule in comparison to the huge transformation, so even if I need a little filler in the future I'm sure dr H will have no trouble fixing it!

I'm soooooo ready to get out of this binder! Olga said I get to sleep with NOTHING on tonight OMG YAY!! I've been wearing that darned binder so tight & low for the last 2 weeks, it's definitely done it's job at keeping the edema at bay... I wish I had one for my legs Holy Cow! They're so swollen that it hurts.. That's probably what my middle would have looked like if I had not been wearing the binder properly this whole time.. I'm waiting on my new garments / fajas to arrive~ if none of them work Olga said I can order the Xess leggings from the office and they'll send them to me.

As far as pain goes~ I'm doing ok. I'm a huge chicken when it comes to pain.. I am still on the painkillers but hoping to go off of them as soon as I can take IB Profin~ it just feels like my body is not held together yet, like everything is kind of sliding around and not quite attached to itself, very odd feeling. But if I were less of a wuss I probably would already not be taking anything anymore lol~

So things are going really well!!!! The only thing I can complain about is sleeping on my tummy, I've never been a stomach sleeper and every morning I wake up looking like I got in a bar fight the night before HAHA! Eyes are swollen shut almost~ so I'm looking for a new pillow or *something* to help~ if anyone has any recommendations I would LOVE IT!! There's a pillow brand called comfy breasts that looks interesting... Anyone heard of it before? They custom make a pillow for you based on cup size and body width!

I'm still VERY HAPPY I went through with this procedure and so glad to have found Dr. Hughes, I don't know what his secrets are but the results he puts out are pretty unbelievable~

This kind of reminds me of being pregnant lol~ anxious for the next number of months to be over, waiting to see what's going to happen in the end, uncomfortable, plus wearing the binder and foam so that you can't bend or breath and your belly looks like it's sticking out totally is like being preggo haha

One more thing~ about the binder

Seriously~ this makes you have ZERO appetite! It's so tight, I have to force myself to eat because I wake up on an empty stomach still feeling like I just ate the biggest thanksgiving dinner ever Lol~
So I guess what I'm realizing is, NO WONDER the Victorian era ladies had such teensy tiny little figures! They probably never had appetites either! Hmmm Corsets may be a highly underrated weight loss tool / appetite suppressant.....

Oops I almost forgot! 2 weeks is time for the first before & after!

I can only do a front view because I need a better pic from behind to do a back view (that's the one that counts the most, I know!) But I need to wait for hubbie to take one for me ;) still~ I'm loving the results from the front so much! I look like a girl *yay* I wasn't even expecting it to change that much!! Total bonus :-D and at only 2 weeks with swelling!!!

MariaE faja review

I ordered 2 MariaE garments~ They're both nice but the strapless crop length one that zippers just doesn't fit right~ It's a little too short for me, otherwise I would totally keep it!
The 2nd one, with straps, hook closures and knee length, seems PERFECT!! The butt cheeks are cotton so there's less pressure there, and the rest is super high compression WOW! I would like to keep that one. Overall it seems like the MariaE brand is high quality, very strong compression where needed and also a good price!
I'm still waiting on the ann chery one... I don't know if I can bring myself to keep it since it was around $200 YIKES but we will see.... I'll update when that one arrives :)

First time playing dress up :-D

Oops here's the MariaE I'm keeping~ love it!

It's really soft in the cheek area, all cotton, and the rest is TIGHT and super smooth. It was hard to get on but once it was on very comfy

Tried on a pair of jeans today

I can't believe they fit! They look a little different now~ lol ;)

New 3 weeks pics & short CG review

It's Friday woohoo! I'm officially 3 weeks today~ I swear time goes soooo slooooow in recovery but it gets easier every day :)
I took new pictures this morning! Still no volume loss, my measurements around the hips & boots are the same as one week post. It's softer & rounder.
The *only* negative thing I have is a minor dent in one buttcheek and I think I know how I got it (I tripped & rammed into a door handle early on in that spot, it hurt! Maybe it killed some cells :( RIP) I'm going back to Dr H for my boobies next year so I'll ask him to fill it in then, I'm sure he won't mind!
I also lost one inch in my waist YAY! I'm absolutely LOVING these new curves~ never had them before ;)

I added a pic of the Ann Chery faja I bought to try out~ I really like it! It's way more comfortable than any of the others~ pretty expensive though BUT if I'm going to have to live in these things for months it is worth it! I decided to keep the MariaE faja that hooks in the front, the Ann Chery Luna faja and a size small Squeam cincher for after I'm done with those.

HAPPY FRIDAY LADIES!! Have a great weekend!!!

First weekend out ;)

Went out with hubbie & friends.

Had a few "firsts" this weekend haha~~~ .....

Fun times ~ hope not too early. I was very careful but I'm very sore. Ugh.

Happy Saturday lovely ladies!!

OH NO~ it's the tacky stretchy-pants test!

;) high waisted & horrible floral print..... Doesn't get any more real & unforgiving than this!! HAHAHAaa lolol

THANK YOU DR H! I officially have an awesome ghetto booty ;) hehe


Has anyone ever gotten a dent or hurt the fat grafts by slamming into something?? I was shaving today, stood up and slipped backwards into the rim of the sink! It wasn't even hard, but I'm kinda paranoid that I'll have a long flat line across the middle of my ass.... Anyone??

Made it to One month! :)

In a girdle today (squeem)
Haven't lost any volume around hips/booty since surgery (42 inches & holding) & waist is getting smaller yay. There's new lumps & bumps on my sides that I am trying to massage out (lipo healing??). Feeling good & anxious to be finished healing but staying patient ;)

5 weeks tomorrow!

5 weeks tomorrow!
Still have some swelling in midsection & low back (lower lumbar area has some definite bubbles, they're soft & about the size of an egg? Actually more like one of those oval ice packs they used to give out at the Dr's office after restylane injections, if you've ever seen those you'll know what I'm talking about) but I'm sure that's 100% normal with the major trauma of lipo~ it's completely wrecks the lymphatic system for awhile which is how your body gets rid of excess fluid. Booty is dropping and softening up a LOT this week, even more, looking more natural. In the first pic you can see the small indentation in my left butt cheek I was talking about last week~ it doesn't really bother me, Hubbie tells me it only makes it look more natural since no one has a butt shaped like a perfect que ball anyways lol ~ but maybe we will still fill it in next year ;)

I keep reading about girls complaining over losing volume but I'm really starting to think maybe it's just the body moving things into place because I haven't lost ANY inches, not ONE, but it's definitely a different shape, it's just not that hard post-op angry swollen as heck shape anymore... Which I have no problem with! I am extremely happy with it, you wouldn't catch me dead in yoga pants before and now the shape is really to die for! Especially for my height it's very well balanced I think!!

Ps: sorry for the grainy phone picture quality

6 weeks and 2 days

I'm starting to sit a little bit now! It even seems to be filling out more, somehow... Loving these curves!! So glad I did this.....
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr Hughes is a one in a million find. His intelligence, skill, credentials and training are second to none. He strikes me as a man who enjoys a challenge and will without hesitation take the time and effort to make an impossible transformation an actual reality. What other surgeons told me was simply not possible for me, Dr. H made HAPPEN in a BIG WAY!!!!! His kind demeanor and willingness to always be just an email or text away are also very comforting. I recommend this surgeon to *ANYONE* not just the BBL ladies, he's a talented artist for the entire body.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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