Could Not Be More Thrilled with Evolence

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I am surprised to hear about lumps from other...

I am surprised to hear about lumps from other respnders because my experience with EVOLENCE was amazing. It makes me question the doctors they went to.

I had tried Juvederm before, but found the results mediocre. The doctor who performed my injections was fantastic. I liked her immediately and when she told me Johnson & Johnson made her go through training even though she has been doing injectables forever, I relaxed. She informed me that it is not a replacement of Botox as you should only use EVOLENCE on your nasolabial folds (the parenthesis around your mouth).

The area was numbed and the injections which took only minutes did sting a bit, but when I looked in the mirror right after...I was amazed! I literally could not stop staring at myself. I had no idea how deep those commas around my mouth had become until I saw my reflection mere minutes after treatment. Not only that, when I left the office I ran errands because I had no swelling or bruising.

Two assistants (one on each side) messaged the injection spots for about 10 minutes to make sure there were no lumps before I left the office.

This stuff is amazing and I will most assuredly do it 9 months to year when I need a boost.

Experienced. Knows what she is doing.

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